Jott is one of Seattle's hottest startups, delivering hands free email and text messages, notes to self and more, on any cell phone. The service has been called a "godsend" and "incredibly clever."

Our investors include the founder of Skype, the VC behind Overture and Hotmail, and Bain Capital. Our local investor is Ackerley Partners, one the country's most respected names in media and advertising. Jott has been featured in Time Magazine, USA Today, Technology Review, and many more. We were recently nominated as a finalist for CNET's Webware 100, and for the Northwest's top startup. And we were picked as a 2008 Company to Watch by Dow Jones, the publisher of the Wall Street Journal.


News on Jott

Jott Scooped by Multinational
The voice technology juggernaut Nuance, of Burlington Massachusetts, has announced the acquisition of Seattle startup Jott, absorbing yet another technologically similar company and further... more
Jott Got Bought!
Or so we’ve thought. Seattle speech-to-text startup Jott is reported by TechFlash to have been sold, the announcement is expected as early as this week. The unknown buyer is apparently a... more
How to Boost Your Social Media Productivity
Like most of you gorgeous tech people out there, I'm juggling many social media balls: twitter updating, Facebooking, blog upkeeping, RSS reading and email answering.  In fact, being this... more
Jott Scrapping Free Services, Adding New Ones
Citing the economic environment, Seattle-based Jott announced today that they are scrapping free services and moving to a pay model. Founded in 2006, Jott Networks offers mobile voice-to-text... more
Jott This Down
Techcrunch's Michael Arrington reported this morning that Seattle-based voice-to-text service Jott has left beta and realeased a free service called Jott Basic. Jott's 420,000 current users are now... more

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