Joyent has been providing Infrastructure as a Service since 2004, before anyone called it cloud computing. Today, Joyent is the only cloud computing company that has built its own complete technology stack, runs a major public cloud on that stack, and makes the technology available for anyone who wants to build a cloud.

Joyent’s Smart Technologies provide application virtualization, which is different from all other major cloud vendors who are focused on hardware virtualization. Joyent’s approach provides applications with better performance and cost effectiveness, due to higher application density and hardware utilization in our Smart Technology stack.

Thousands of business critical applications run on Joyent Smart Technologies, from small businesses to fortune 100 companies. Virtually every technology and language has proven to operate well on Joyent’s technology stack and applications have scaled from zero traffic to billions of page views per month.

Based in San Francisco with offices worldwide, Joyent is privately held and backed by Greycroft Partners and Intel Capital.


News on Joyent

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