justSay-IT Technical Communications

justSay-IT Technical Communications

“Intellectual capital captured and clearly communicated—transforming your knowledge into a dynamic business asset.”

Providing technology firms with topic-based authoring and a single-source publishing solution for their product documentation: capturing and migrating knowledge to an Extensible Markup Language (XML) format, to eliminate redundancy and out-of-date information: improving research and development, marketing, the customer experience and ultimately the bottom-line.

More than a traditional technical writing service, justSay-IT Technical Communications provides expertise on how to implement and manage a single-source publishing conversion project; taking your documentation and current communications to the next level.

The principal, Beth Haggerty, has managed technical and marketing communications in Financial and Municipal Services Software, RFID and RTLS Systems, Wireless Controls Technology and Telecommunications. Her communications education includes a certificate in Technical Communications Management and a consultant’s designation from Madcap Software, which is a recognized leader in advanced authoring and publishing for web, print, desktop and mobile documentation.

IT Consulting, Software, Wireless, Telecommunications, Miscellaneous, Mobile, Startup

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