Kiboomu is a children's mobile app and music development company successfully founded, in late 2009, by 2 tech-savvy, music entrepreneurs, Wendy Wiseman and Sherry Segal.

“Teach. Sing. Learn. Give Back. That’s what Kiboomu is all about. It’s about creating music and apps that not only entertain children, but educate as well. It’s about encouraging children to be creative through song and play. But, most of all, it’s about filling a child’s day with laughter while expanding their growing minds in a fun and inviting way. If we can accomplish that, our mission is complete!”

“At Kiboomu, we care deeply about kids. We want only the best for them. They are at the heart of the Kiboomu Kids Foundation. CARE. GIVE. NOURISH. These three words are the driving force behind our creation of the Kiboomu Kids Foundation.Every year more than 10 million kids die of hunger and preventable diseases.The Kiboomu Kids Foundation is dedicated to feeding kids at home and around the world. Our mission is to help end child hunger. A portion of all our sales will go towards providing aid to kids in need."


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Montreal startup Kiboomu creates fun and educational mobile apps for children
Founded at the end of last year by two "tech-savvy, music entrepreneurs," Wendy Wiseman and Sherry Segal, Kiboomu makes mobile apps dedicated to entertaining and educating kids. Wendy, whose... more