Koneka Inc.

Koneka Inc.

Koneka Inc. is a Canadian software development company that specializes in document automation.

Koneka provides innovative software solutions to help organizations automate document generation and content management, collaborate on complex documents and proposals, and validate that the documents they create are accurate and complete.

The company’s products include SmartProposition® – a proposal automation platform designed to help organizations automate the bids and proposal process, and SmartGovDocs – a collaborative document generation and reporting platform created for the public sector.

Koneka was founded by game industry veterans who worked on a variety of projects – ranging from online casino games to triple-A titles like Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow 6 Vegas. The company was born out of the desire to take some of the innovations and technology from the gaming world – like adaptive AI and expert systems – and apply them to solving real world problems.

Over time, the company came to focus on problems relating to document automation and content validation.

Koneka’s clients include medical research institutions, scientific publishers, government and non-profit agencies, commercial real-estate companies, and professional consultancies. Koneka is focused on realizing value for their clients by helping them to improve the quality of their documents and reporting while reducing operational costs.

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