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Practical, business oriented and reliable legal advice, delivered on time and for good value – if you are like most people, then these are probably your priorities when selecting a law firm. That is why these are our top priorities in delivering our services to our clients. We strive to understand the particular circumstances and needs of each client and apply our resources to deliver the appropriate legal and business solutions in a practical, timely and value-added fashion. In other words, at LaBarge Weinstein your priorities are our priorities…


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A New Era of Startups: The Rise of the Project (And the End of the Pitch)
According to lawyer and tech expert James Smith, a pitch-and-business-plan model is a thing of the past, and it’s not the only thing he suggests leaving behind. This may come as a surprise... more
The Ins and Outs of Granting Equity to Your Tech Startup All Star Team
So, you’ve found a rockstar. You’ve networked, coffeed, shot the breeze, followed up, exchanged ideas, seen the vision, shared a beer, had the “we’re just a startup”... more
LaBarge Weinstein to Open Vancouver Office, Mark Longo to Join as Partner
Vancouver's GROW Week in underway and, not surprisingly, there is some well-timed news coming out of the Canadian tech community to take advantage of the buzz. Techvibes has learned that later... more
Trilogy Software Raises $3.3M in Private Equity
Calgary-based Trilogy Software announced today that it has raised $3.3M in private equity with funds from founders and local and North American private investors. Read the full press release. This... more
MediaMiser raises $1 Million from BDC and RBC
Ottawa's MediaMiser announced yesterday that it has raised $1 Million from the BDC Capital Inc. and the Royal Bank of Canada in the company’s first-ever financing round. MediaMiser will... more
Are you going to the Banff Venture Forum?
If you're going to the Banff Venture Forum this week, here are a couple of other events you may want to check out while there. On Wednesday, September 22nd, the PricewaterhouseCoopers Banff... more
Island of Prosperity, or Fantasy Island?
Hey all, I managed to get back from a snowboarding trip with my wife in Big White (think 50cm over two days and a near death experience on a cliff after an ill-advised line through the glades) to... more
Start-Up Drop-In - Focus on: Social Media
Hey all, upcoming LaBarge Weinstein startup, dropin that you might want to take in (you’ll be relieved to see that Scott Lake and I have patched up our differences and he is attending as one... more
Grow as fast as possible with the least amount of money
Hey all, even in this big, bad economy, we still get asked by clients from time to time to provide input on structuring a VC-sensitive share capital structure, and it certainly is more art than... more
LaBarge Weinstein hosts Ottawa-based startup events next week
Hey all, Techvibes has offered up the team at LaBarge Weinstein a channel to promote the startup events and clients that they are working on, and our inaugural post includes a couple of invites for... more

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