LeafNotes Inc.

LeafNotes Inc.

LeafNotes Inc. is dedicated to opening up music creation to the masses using an iPad, innovation, and creativity. Our app, SoundBrush, allows users to draw to create music, which we believe will be the basis for the next stage of music authoring. With the concept of "squiggles" representing pitch and time dating back to the origins of music notation, we believe it will be the way of the future.

The original "squiggles" failed because they didn't offer enough accuracy or precision; everything was a mere guess. SoundBrush, on the other hand, brings back the concept of these "squiggles" because of three fundamental reasons. The first, precision is no longer an issue. The same line will produce the same sound regardless of which iPad the line is played on, every time. The second, it's faster and more intuitive to draw a line than it is to write modern music notation. And lastly, having a picture of an instrument on an iPad and expecting people to play it as they would the real instrument wasn't something we were interested in. This desire to break the norm, to push the envelope, and enable creativity drives us every day to create the best possible app.


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Waterloo, ON, Canada
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada