Life is a series of moments, and each moment is as unique as the people in our lives. Pictures allow us to capture any moment from a specific perspective, freezing time and immortalizing our fondest memories in a photograph. Through our pictures, we can travel back into our lives, reliving moments and sharing memories with those we love. Life is a journey, and pictures make it eternal.

In the autumn of 2000, LifePics was founded with solid backgrounds stemming from both the retail photo and technology industries. LifePics is an online imaging solutions provider headquartered at the base of the Rocky Mountain foothills in Boulder, Colorado. The LifePics business model merges the retail photo and technology industries, combining the convenience of the Internet with the trusted relationship between local photofinishers, professional photographers, and consumers. Since its inception, LifePics has aggregated the world's largest network of photofinishers to provide the latest in online imaging services. LifePics partners with professional photographers, independent camera stores, large retail chains, and photofinishers of all sizes that want to offer their customers a superior online digital photofinishing service.
LifePics specializes in online imaging technology, applications, and solutions:

  • Retail photo businesses that partner with LifePics receive a co-branded commercial photofinishing Web site, strategic relationships to drive orders from all over the Internet to your business, customized expert marketing strategies, unparalleled customer support, and the only open platform in the imaging industry. Click here to expand your retail photo business by offering your customers an integrated online photo service!
  • Professional Photographers using the LifePics professional imaging solution receive a co-branded Web site to sell photos online, automatic order routing to a trusted local lab, and support for you and your customers. Click here to begin selling your photos online!
  • Consumers that use the LifePics network receive free, unlimited storage for archiving your images, unique sharing capabilities, social networking, customer support, hundreds of fun and creative photo products (such as mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads, photo books, calendars, and many more), and hundreds of different print options, often available in one hour. Click here to start ordering prints and photo products and sharing your digital memories online!


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Boulder, Colorado, United States 80301