Lighthouse Labs

Lighthouse Labs

Lighthouse Labs is Canada’s developer bootcamp. They teach people to learn to code in 8 weeks, and do it in a way that truly prepares students for amazing careers.

Having become an integral part of the Vancouver tech community, they are now launching their groundbreaking program in Toronto! Operating out of HIGHLINE, Toronto's most dynamic tech hub, Lighthouse Labs combines a TA community of 40+ full-time developers with an agile curriculum that emphasizes building real software. This has allowed them to achieve the ultimate result for its students: 100% job placement rate

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Regional Coding Bootcamps set their Sights on National Footprint
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Introducing Student Talent to Local Startups to Boost Ecosystem a Growing Event Model
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Lighthouse Labs Bridges Digital Literacy Gap with HTML500
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Vancouver's Lighthouse Labs Launches Canada's First iOS Bootcamp Course
Vancouver-based coding bootcamp Lighthouse Labs announced the launch of a new course, an eight-week iOS bootcamp that claims to be the first of its kind in Canada when it commences in July. The... more
5 Things You Need To Know As A Canadian Entrepreneur Traveling to SXSW Interactive
SXSW holds a special place in my heart as it was the impetus to me deciding that I wanted to join the tech industry, and ultimately be part of creating Lighthouse Labs. It also happens to be the... more
Vancouver's HTML500 Event Attracts Lots of Women as Coding Becomes Mainstream, Sexy
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Lighthouse Labs to Host First-ever HTML500 in Vancouver This February
On February 1, Vancouver-based developer bootcamp Lighthouse Labs is hosting "the HTML500," which it claims is the largest one-day open access education event in Vancouver, and one of the largest... more
Software Development Agency to Launch Lighthouse Labs, a Coding Bootcamp, in Vancouver
Toronto-based software development agency Functional Imperative has informed Techvibes that it plans to open a coding academy in Vancouver this fall. Called Lighthouse Labs, the program will... more

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