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Canadians Workers More Concerned with Lack of Advancement Than Low Pay
LinkedIn’s “Global Job Seeker Trends” report surveyed more than 10 thousand recent job changers across the world to see what drives professionals to take new opportunities. The... more
LinkedIn Shares Drop 43%, Company Loses $11 Billion Market Value
LinkedIn shares plunged more than 40% in trading Friday. The steep drop cost the company $11 billion (US) of market value. LinkedIn shocked Wall Street analysts by badly missing financial... more
Job Security, Poor Teamwork Among Top Concerns for Canadian Professionals
Canadian professionals are most deterred by low levels of job security, a new survey has found. LinkedIn’s newest “Employer Branding” survey also shows the importance of... more
Why Canadians Leave Their Jobs, and Why They Take on New Careers
LinkedIn’s latest “Global Job Seeker Trends” report surveyed more than 10 thousand recent job changers across the world to see what drives professionals to take new opportunities.... more
The Work Perks That Matter to Canadians Today
Canadians want progressive workplaces that offer more than the standard benefits package. According to LinkedIn’s New Norms @Work study, we’re over the 9-5 work day, with more than... more
Canadians Still Dress to Impress at Work
While many workplaces have implemented more liberal and casual dress codes, professionals still dress to impress. Seven per cent of Canadians are spending as much time getting ready for work as... more
Half of Canadians Would Lie About Being Fired from Last Job, LinkedIn Finds
56% of Canadians wouldn’t be completely honest about being fired. This is according to LinkedIn’s New Norms @Work study, which says millennials ages 25-34 are least likely to be... more
How Canadians Use Social Media To Find Employment
Nearly 100 per cent of Canadian professionals and skilled individuals are on at least one social media network. 40% of Canadians use social media to search for jobs, according to data... more
The Real Reasons LinkedIn Acquired Lynda
LinkedIn acquired Lynda last week for $1.5 billion and it represents LinkedIn’s largest acquisition in its twelve-year history. is an online learning platform which... more
PageCloud Raises $2.2 Million Seed Round
PageCloud has raised a seed round. The seed round is valued at $2.2 million. The Ottawa-based browser-based website creation app says the new funding will help "ring complete creative freedom to... more
LinkedIn Acquires Careerify to Build on Big Data Recruitment
Careerify has been acquired by LinkedIn. The Toronto startup was scooped by up LinkedIn for an undisclosed sum. "We decided to join LinkedIn due to what we lacked: massive scale," says Harpaul... more
Tech's Most Active Job Markets and The Skills Needed to Get Hired
LinkedIn, which now has 10 million members in Canada, has identified the most active job markets and the skills most likely to get Canadians hired. LinkedIn's data offers good news for... more
The Most Overused Buzzwords in Canada (and How to Improve Your Online Profile)
Apparently being creative isn't so creative anymore. LinkedIn tallied up the buzzwords Canadians most overused last year and "creative" ranked third. Here's the full list: 1. passionate 2.... more
University Leverages Google Glass, GoPro as Part of New Tech-Minded Recruitment Strategy
Bochure-style marketing and traditional advertising may soon be a thing of the past in the educational sector after a student marketing campaign has been brought to life by Royal Roads University.... more
Only 23% of Employers Use Social Media to Find Talent, Where 99% of Candidates Are
Nearly 100 per cent of Canadian professionals and skilled individuals are on at least one social media network and more than half use them as tools to hunt for employment—yet just 23 per cent... more
Canada's Most Active Job Markets for Techies and Today's Most Desirable Tech Skills
LinkedIn, which now has 10 million members in Canada, has identified the most active job markets and the skills most likely to get Canadians hired. LinkedIn's data offers good news for... more
'Maple Syrup Coordinator' Among Canada's Most Unusual Job Titles: LinkedIn
After announcing it now has 10 million members in our fine country, LinkedIn shared with us "the 10 most unusual job titles in Canada." Maple syrup coordinator: A project coordinator for maple... more
LinkedIn Now Has 10 Million Members in Canada
This week LinkedIn reached a new Canadian milestone: 10 million members. The company says this now means "over half of our nation’s potential workforce" is a member of LinkedIn. LinkedIn... more
Ranked: The 25 Best Universities in Canada for Software Developers, Marketers, and More
If you're a software developer, which is the best university to attend? How about a marketer? Or a finance professional? LinkedIn has ranked Canada's best schools across five professions based... more
The 10 Most Overused Buzzwords Found on Online Résumés in Canada
LinkedIn has revealed the most overused buzzwords in the context of online résumés. The world’s largest professional network with 260 million members, including more than six... more
One-third of Canadian Parents Don't Understand What Their Children Do at Work These Days
Online professional network LinkedIn says that many Canadian parents don't actually understand what their children do for work day-to-day. With new positions like "GIF Content Specialist" it's no... more
LinkedIn Makes Second Acquisition This Month with $175-Million Purchase of Bizo
LinkedIn has acquired Bizo for $175 million. Bizo is a business audience marketing firm that offers measurable display and social advertising programs specifically focused on professional... more
10 Strategies to Advance Your Career Through LinkedIn
Having a profile isn’t enough — to get ahead, consider implementing some of these useful strategies. LinkedIn has become critical to building a network and crafting a personal brand... more
YouTube: Don't Read the Comments, and Other Hilariously Remade Tech Company Slogans
A list of "honest company slogans" for major corporations is blowing up on Imgur this week and tech firms are far from immune to the roasting. YouTube's revised slogan is "Don't Read the... more
The Four Most-shared Stories of 2013 on Techvibes
Social media is ubiquitous today and our readers actively share every article we publish across channels like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Below are the most-shared articles of 2013. Most... more
LinkedIn Reveals the 10 Buzzwords Canadians Overuse Most on Their Résumés
LinkedIn has revealed its fourth annual list of most overused buzzwords in the context of online résumés. The world’s largest professional network with 260 million members,... more
LinkedIn to Open Large Office in Downtown Toronto Next Year, Sources Say
Last week, Techvibes broke the news that Amazon plans to open a massive office in the currently under-construction Telus Garden development in the heart of downtown Vancouver. This week, Techvibes... more
One-third of Canadian Parents Don't Understand What Their Children Do at Work These Days
Online professional network LinkedIn says that many Canadian parents don't actually understand what their children do for work day-to-day. According to a recent study by LinkedIn, more than one... more
HootSuite and LinkedIn Share HR Secrets at Upcoming Human Capital Symposium
According to a recent report from Boston-based Bullhorn, a staggering 98% of recruiters used social media tools like like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for recruiting in 2012. This number is... more
A Comprehensive Look at LinkedIn's Seven Million Canadian Users
LinkedIn now boasts more than 200 million users. We know that seven million of those are Canadian. But LinkedIn doesn't really break down stats beyond that. 20% of Canadians use the... more
Canadians Can't Go One Day Without Checking Social Media, Study Says
One in three Canadians check their social media feeds daily, accrording to a recent report from the Media Technology Monitor. More than two thirds of Canadians who use the internet are regular... more
LinkedIn is No Longer Just Your Resume, It's Now Your Portfolio Too
Don't just say it, display it. That's the motto of LinkedIn's latest feature, which allows users to visually enhance their resumés with the addition of portfolios. In fact, LinkedIn's... more
LinkedIn Enhances Search Engine with Smarter Algorithm and New Features
200 million members, including seven million Canadians, used LinkedIn's search tool nearly six billion times last year. Unfortunately, the professional social network's search tool isn't that... more
HootSuite Adds New LinkedIn Features to Social Media Dashboard
Vancouver-based HootSuite has released new features for those using LinkedIn through its social media dashboard. The Canadian company says that marketers, HR professionals and community managers... more
Twitter and LinkedIn Issue Major Updates for BlackBerry 10 Apps
Today, two of the world's biggest social networks updated their apps for the BlackBerry 10 platform. Twitter and LinkedIn, which appear on the BB10 homescreen as default apps, both added new... more
98% of Recruiters Use Social Media for Their Hiring
If you want to be on the radar of recruiters, an active social (media) life is advisable. According to a recently released annual North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report from... more
A Good Day for Social Networks: LinkedIn Reaches 200 Million Members as Facebook Shares Crack $30
Today has been good for social networks, with both LinkedIn and Facebook hitting key milestones. LinkedIn says that it has now reached 200 million members, with two more joining every second.... more
Canadians are a Lot More Satisfied with Google Than Facebook, Poll Reveals
Despite mounting privacy concerns, Google has charmed the vast majority of Canadians. 91% of Canadians use Google, according to a poll conducted by Forum Research. The poll didn't specify a... more
How Much Your Favourite Social Network Would Cost to Use Without Advertising
Most people accept the fact that online advertising is the price they pay for free access to social network and news content. But what if they had the option for pay for an ad-free experience? How... more
30% of Canadians Have Their Childhood Dream Job, LinkedIn Says
LinkedIn this week released data about the most popular childhood dream jobs. And the numbers paint a surprisingly rosy picture. As part of its “Dream Jobs” study, LinkedIn surveyed... more
Canadian Professionals on What Technology Will be Extinct from Offices in Five Years
LinkedIn, a professional social network with more than six million Canadian members, this week released some statistics about office tools and trends that are on the brink of becoming extinct. As... more
CityBlast Enables Canadian Real Estate Agents to Build Their Business Through Social Media
In 2008, a newbie real estate agent in Toronto by the name of Shaun Nilsson accepted a personal challenge from friends to build his business strictly online without any marketing budget. In the... more
The 10 Companies That Canadian Students Want to Work for the Most
Where do graduating students in Canada want to work? LinkedIn conducted some research to find out and produced some interesting results. According to LinkedIn, Vancouver-born Lululemon is the most... more
Calgary's Hookflash is the LinkedIn-Powered Mobile App That Will Render Your Business Phone Obsolete
A Canadian startup is looking to accelerate the death of the traditional business phone. Calgary's Hookflash has launched a LinkedIn-powered iPad app that uses the professional network's vast... more
What Social Media is Good For According to Canadian Business Leaders
Canadian business leaders are still unsure how they feel about social media. But 82% of them personally use social media, according to a survey by Queen's School of Business, so they should know... more
A New Era of Job Hunting: 79% of Jobs are Posted on Social Media
The days of job seekers combing through their local newspaper's classifieds under the "Employment" section are dead. Bullhorn's 2012 Bullhorn Reach Rankings Report: An Inside Look at Social... more
LinkedIn: We Can Confirm That Passwords Have Been Compromised
A hot topic today has been the alleged hacking of more than six million LinkedIn passwords. It started as a rumour, then LinkedIn stepped in to investigate, originally stating that it was "unable... more
Here's How Often LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman Looks at His Company's Stock Price
Professional social network LinkedIn debuted on the public stock market one year ago in May 2011. Since then, the likes of Groupon, Zynga, and Facebook have also had IPOs. LinkedIn's has remained... more
90% of Canadians Can't Complete Their Own Planned Tasks Each Workday: LinkedIn
Nearly nine in 10 Canadians fail to complete all planned tasks in a given workday, a new LinkedIn study has found. LinkedIn, which has more than five million members in Canada, discovered that... more
LinkedIn Launches App for iPad and Android Tablets
Professionally minded social network LinkedIn has at long last launched an app dedicated to tablets. Available for iOS on the iPad and on Android devices, the tablet-optimized app is slick,... more
Google is the Least Diversified Technology Company
Dan Frommer over at SplatF decided to figure out how diversified today's top technology companies are. There's a thousand ways to slice and splice the sort of data he uses, so his results can... more
Which Social Network is the Best For Recruiting? [INFOGRAPHIC]
LinkedIn is known as the major "professional network" with its focus on business, resumes, and the like. Twitter is the fast-paced microblogging platform that's all about real-time content. And... more
LinkedIn has over 5 Million in Canada but what city leads in usage?
Yesterday LinkedIn Corporation reported its financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended December 31, 2011. The world's largest professional network on the Internet now has with... more
LinkedIn Now Has 5 Million Members in Canada
LinkedIn today announced that it has reached the milestone of five million members in Canada. This means that one in six Canadians are now on LinkedIn. The professionally minded social network... more
Canada ranks third worldwide when it comes to professional happiness, LinkedIn says
LinkedIn recently released data about global professionals’ career ambitions and satisfaction with their current jobs. Research revealed that 69% of Canadian professionals are... more
Guess What? Facebook and Twitter Are Both Better Than LinkedIn at Finding You a Job
LinkedIn, the business-oriented social network, seems like the perfect place to job hunt. Profiles feature resumes, employable skills, references, and it's easy to search for people by company and... more
LinkedIn to launch a 'Talent Pipeline' in 2012
The first major inroads LinkedIn made with the business community was with recruiters and headhunters. It has become the farm that seemingly all placement services work looking for a crop of talent... more
The Top Office Pet Peeves in Canada and the World [Infographic]
LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network with more than four million members in Canada, today released data about the top office pet peeves. The survey uncovered some interesting... more
LinkedIn now lets you show off your volunteering experience and organizations you support
LinkedIn, the premier professional online network with more than 4 million members in Canada, has announced that members can now add a “Volunteer Experience & Causes” field to... more
Revamped Mobile App: LinkedIn finally gets it right
I'm not the most prolific LinkedIn user out there, but I'm nonetheless a huge fan of the service. And while I use it less than Twitter or Facebook, I'd actually rather sooner lose Facebook than... more
LinkedIn adds two members every second; share button on more than 100,000 sites
LinkedIn recently blew away all expectations in its first quarterly report. Analysts originally predicted a loss for the company that proved them wrong with a revenue of $121 million — an... more
'The future of job applications': You can now gun for a position with the click of a LinkedIn button
Embeddable like Twitter's Tweet button or Facebook's Like button, the new Apply With LinkedIn button has its crosshairs set on becoming "the future of job applications." Basically, a hiring... more
New speakers for GROW announced, including big names from HootSuite, Google, Facebook, and more
The roster of speakers for this year's second-annual GROW Conference in Vancouver is looking more and more impressive. Many interesting speakers were already lined up, from Beyond the Rack... more
Men are better at professional networking online than women in Canada (and everywhere else, too)
With over three million Canadian users in its system, online professional network LinkedIn is definitely an expert voice when it comes to answering the curious question, "Who's better at this stuff... more
LinkedIn celebrates first anniversary, appoints new Canadian country manager
LinkedIn today celebrates its first anniversary of Canadian operations. It has also announced that Brian Church will be the company's new Canadian country manager. “We’ve... more
Groupon files for IPO. Financials reveal bleeding red ink. Is the next great tech bubble forming?
Earlier today Mashable reported breaking news that Groupon has filed for a $750-million IPO, not long after LinkedIn's wildly successful public debut last month. Unwritten by Morgan Stanley,... more
LinkedIn is worth a bajillion dollars now - but does it suffer from blatant security flaws?
LinkedIn, which debuted on the New York Stock Exchange to extreme hype and a staggering 150% stock price jump (it has since settled somewhat), may be suffering from security flaws that will tarnish... more
LinkedIn explodes onto the stock market as share price skyrockets over 150 percent
You want an action-packed IPO? LinkedIn debuted on the market today at $45, but immediately exploded upward, cracking $90, and then still pushing further, touching as high as $120, a rise of well... more
Is LinkedIn Undervalued?
Yesterday, LinkedIn provided more details on their hotly anticipated IPO. Share prices will be between $32-$35, valuing the company at about $3 billion. Compared to other social media darlings,... more
Facebook vs. LinkedIn: The War for Personal and Professional Networking
This article was written by Douglas Idugboe and originally published on Smedio. Facebook is the world’s leading “personal” social network and it’s fast approaching the... more
Professional social network LinkedIn hits 100,000,000 members
Everybody's favourite online resume has hit 100 million members today. According to LinkedIn, it's growing by approximately one million members per week—a newly founded pace that, if... more
PodCamp Toronto 2011 - You have a LinkedIn profile, now what? #pcto2011
I just got home from PodCamp Toronto 2011 and because I’m so dedicated to you I’m going to do three write ups in a marathon session tonight so you can get all the good bits right away.... more
China Crackdown Continues: LinkedIn is latest victim of social network stifles
China is blocking several websites, particularly social networks, as its Communist leaders attempt to prevent the Internet from becoming a communication tool for a pro-democracy uprising. Spurred... more
LinkedIn filing for initial public offering... today? [UPDATED]
Networking site for business professionals LinkedIn is reportedly set to file papers for an initial public offering as soon as... Today. Kara Swisher of All Things... more
10 overused buzzwords you need to stop putting on your resume: LinkedIn
If anyone is fit to comment on resumes, it's LinkedIn. The networking site is an online hub of digital resumes - and because it's online, LinkedIn can track metrics. Or, in this case, overused... more
Hackers using phony LinkedIn emails to install spyware
LinkedIn users, beware; hackers are using the website to install spyware on your computer. Under the guise of a new contact request, convincing fake emails are being sent to email accounts by... more
Toronto startup Red Scarf Equestrian proves effectiveness of professional network LinkedIn
While the company isn't high tech, it knows how to use tech. Started in 2008 in Toronto, Red Scarf Equestrian is a lean startup that's a niche within a niche - luxury accessories for horse lovers.... more
Microsoft integrates Hotmail and Messenger with LinkedIn, but only in the States...
Windows Live Messenger is trying to become more of a daily professional tool to keep up with your colleagues. Microsoft is attempting to position Messenger as a social networking client... more
#growconf | A timelined summary of 'Day 2: Inspire' at GROW 2010 (Part 4 of 4)
August 20, 2010. Day 2, Inspire: The GROW Conference will provide inspiration for turning today's entrepreneurs into tomorrow's leaders. Speakers include founders of... more
BC's Victoria makes Social Media Day official
UPDATE: Today is the day, folks! Happy Social Media Day to everyone! Wednesday, June 30th: Social Media Day. On this day, Twitterati, Facebookers, those of LinkedIn, Bebo, and more, will... more
Tomorrow's Technology Part 1: Virtual business cards may be way of the future
Business cards are a networking staple. They have been for ages. And they will continue to be for ages. The question is, in which format? With the rise of smartphones and other handheld digital... more
Facebook fuses with Twitter: Social media integration of the year
Twitter has made official announcements regarding its Facebook and LinkedIn applications. They're bringing in additional functionality and a new level of integration. The Twitter, which is... more
Social networking online: Where to go, and where not to waste your time (Part 1)
Networking has mattered since the dawn of business. Nobody's going to deny that. But never has there been such ample opportunity to network as now, with so many high-tech social networks rampant... more
LinkedIn pushes expansion, appoints a country manager for Canada
Congratulations to Jonathan Lister, LinkedIn's new manager for the company's forthcoming Canadian operations. LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, took the next step forward... more
LinkedIn VP to keynote at mesh 2010
Marketing has taken a dramatic shift since the onset of social media tools.  They have allowed individuals to take control of their messaging and compete with some of the bigger players in... more
LinkedIn passes 2 Million mark in Canada and launches BlackBerry App
LinkedIn announced today that there are now more than two million Canadians among LinkedIn's global membership and that there are more than 20,000 LinkedIn Groups related to Canada. As part of... more

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