LiveHive Systems

LiveHive Systems

LiveHive Systems™ is a privately held software development company that provides real-time, interactive solutions for the entertainment industry. LiveHive offers complete turnkey solutions for TV broadcasters, fantasy sports sites, and web portals looking to differentiate their offering and increase value to viewers, advertisers and shareholders.

A unique solution. NanoGaming™ powers real-time viewer interaction with entertainment media, such as live television broadcasts and streaming video. It provides the ultimate entertainment experience that drives online traffic and dedicated viewership for our clients. Ideal for sporting events and reality TV shows, the NanoGaming application provides television viewers a powerful multiplayer experience and a social network that is synched with their favorite TV programs.

An emerging company. Based in Waterloo, Ontario, LiveHive is located in a hi-tech hotspot and is able to attract the best-of-the-best talent in North America, a key differentiator on the worldwide stage. A growing list of customers are relying on NanoGaming technology to power their offerings, providing an engaging, interactive and fun experience for their viewers, including ESPN, Turner (Sports) Broadcasting, ProElite and The Score.

A winning formula. With a talented team, innovative technology, and strong leadership, LiveHive has successfully developed and brought the NanoGaming solution to market. Funded by institutional investors and backed by a proven team with experience in building complex software systems, LiveHive is well positioned for long-term growth and success.


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