Established in mid-2010, Livelenz has developed a suite of data analytics/business intelligence solutions, delivered over the cloud, that addresses significant pain points in the retail vertical, and, has enjoyed rapid penetration of over 3,000 subscribers in leading brands including: Subway; Little Caesars; Arby’s; and Popeye’s. The Livelenz platform converts complex information, generated by point-of-sale (POS) transactional data, into easily consumable and actionable information that empowers the entire enterprise (franchise owners, managers, and corporate/operations executives) to make smart decisions that result in significantly reduced costs and increased profitability. The current product suite includes: LiveAnalytics; LiveHR - our robust human resource management solution; and, soon to be released, LiveCost Management - a solution for total management of food/inventory expense and recipe management for the retail foodservice vertical.

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