Loa PowerTools

Loa PowerTools

Loa PowerTools provides secure mobility services.

The company was formed by a unique group of seasoned, experienced developers and entrepreneurs to create pioneering Application Enabled Internet Services. Like our customers, we are all mobile workers with demanding work, home and travel lives. We need the Loa PowerTools mobility solutions as much as you do.

The depth of our experience shows in our painstaking attention to the thousands of tiny details that makes it easy and safe for mobile workers, their employers, accountants and IT managers to adopt and use our solutions.

  • Our applications use tools and techniques that are approved for client execution by most IT departments.
  • We respect firewalls so you don't need to modify them or smash your way through them to adopt our solutions.
  • All communication from Loa PowerTools clients is encrypted to very high standards.
  • The Loa PowerTools are priced to make them easy to put on your expense report: no different from a taxi and a lot cheaper.


10180 101 St
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada