Localmind is a new service that allows you to send questions and receive answers about what is going on—right now—at places you care about.


News on Localmind

Montreal-born Startup Acquired by Airbnb
Tech evangelist Robert Scoble called Montreal's Localmind the best app at SXSW in 2011. Shortly after they raised $600K in angel funding led by Granite Ventures with Real Ventures and iNovia... more
Award-Winning Montreal-born Startup Localmind Launches 2.0 Version of App
Localmind is a Montreal-born startup whose core product is a mobile app that "instantly connects you to local experts and what's happening on the ground anywhere in the world right now." Today it... more
Localmind picks up Investor's Choice Award at Valley Location Conference
A Canadian startup walked away with the Investor's Choice Award earlier today at the Locations & Beyond Summit 2011 in San Francisco. But that shouldn't come as much of a surprise as all eyes... more
Montreal's Localmind raises $600K seed round
Montreal startup Localmind announced today that they have raised $600K in angel funding led by Granite Ventures with Real Ventures, iNovia Capital, Ian Sobieski, Peter Bordes, Ty Danco, Zach... more
Ten Toronto startups will participate in the C100 “48 hrs in the valley” program
From June 8th to 9th, a group of Canadian startups will be heading down to San Francisco to participate in the C100 “48 hrs in the valley” program. While they are in the... more
Lots of buzz surrounding Year One Labs investment Localmind
Year One Labs already has one good reason to be happy this week, and thanks to all the positive buzz surrounding an earlier investment, Localmind, they probably have another. Localmind is an... more

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