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News on LoyaltyMatch

Kitchener's LoyaltyMatch launches app to compare cost of cash prices versus rewards point redemption
Kitchener-based loyalty and engagement company LoyaltyMatch has launched RewardingYourself, a mobile app to help shoppers find the best deals when making purchased that can be paid for in cash or... more
LoyaltyMatch partners with PlanetEye
Waterloo-based LoyaltyMatch.com and Toronto's PlanetEye announced today that they have joined forces to better serve their members. Visitors to PlanetEye will be able to link directly to... more
New York Times likes LoyaltyMatch
Waterloo-based LoyaltyMatch got a great mention in a New York Times article last week titled Playing Markets that Trade Miles. Some of our readers may remember that Varun Mathur - a Techvibes... more
StartupCamp Toronto 2
The 2nd StartupCamp Toronto took place at the CIX venue yesterday where the following startups made their pitches: 1. Brainpark: Mark Dowds gave a very exciting presentation which included a... more

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