The Lymbix family is made up of a diverse mix of people, bringing a wide range of talents to the table. One of these days we'll create a fancy page that shows off our pretty faces but until then, use the links below to connect with us.


News on Lymbix

GrowthWorks Atlantic Venture Fund Invests $1.35 Million Into Lymbix
Moncton-based Lymbix Inc. has received $1.35 million in investment from GrowthWorks, a Canadian ventured capital management company. Lymbix have developed a suite of software solutions which... more
Lymbix re-releases ToneCheck for Outlook
Moncton, New Brunswick-based sentiment analysis leader Lymbix announced this week that they have re-released a new version of their ToneCheck software as an email add-in for Microsoft Outlook.... more
Help Heather Anne Ritchie from Lymbix to put Canada on the map at SXSW
Canada has a lot to brag about at the SXSW conference coming up in March. One of the companies that will be representing Canada is Moncton, New Brunswick’s Lymbix. I attended an event hosted... more
Lymbix Busy Putting the New in New Brunswick
This is the fourth post in a series by Jordan Behan highlighting the successful marketing practices of Canadian startups. Behan is the Director of Marketing of Strutta and knows a thing or two... more

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