Marketing.AI is Content Marketing Software. It provides workflow, audit, and analytics applications that help B2B marketers be more successful with content they publish themselves, such as blog posts, website pages, and social media updates.

The Editorial Calendar software helps you plan your content and production workflow visually, and coordinate your content creators and editors in an intuitive calendar-centric way. It also allows you to publish directly to different CMS, such as WordPress and Hubspot, from one location.

The Content Audit software quickly makes all of your online content available in a dashboard with the addition of a simple tracking code to your site. Once there you can manage all of the individual items/assets/pages and plan how they tie together in a conversion architecture. The system then provides you updates on the performance of each item in general and with specific business demographics. This tells you what content is working and what is not in terms of helping you achieve your marketing objectives.

The Analytics suite segments your audience according to real B2B-relevant demographics and shows you what sources and content drive visitors to your site, what content is driving them to take the actions you want, and what content needs to be improved. It also provides an automated reporting system that will send you alerts and custom reports on companies visiting your site.

Internet Marketing, Social Media, Startup

Job Opportunities at Marketing.AI

Account Executive
Is your expertise nurturing and growing technology solutions within large enterprise organizations? Are you familiar with the efforts involved in supporting the expansion of solutions within... more
Customer Success Manager
Do you have a passion for working with the best in marketing minds on a daily basis? Are you a digital marketing guru, with a deep understanding of the needs of today's marketing teams? Are you... more
Director, Talent Acquisition
Are you a passionate recruiter of the best talent to help organizations succeed? Do you have experience finding and recruiting for the “jagged resume”? Have you worked independently in a small team... more
Customer Development Manager
Are you trying to break in to the exciting marketing technology space, and just need a break to get started? Have you cut your teeth in sales and marketing in front line entry-level roles in... more
Director, Customer Development
Are you an expert at building teams of highly motivated, dynamic sales personalities? Have you done so in a fast growing, marketing technology space? Have you done it all in the sales process, from... more
Marketing Analyst
Are you the best internet researcher that you know? Can you quickly distill volumes of research into impactful and actionable summaries? Are you passionate about marketing and technology? Do you... more
Trial Experience Optimization Engineer
Are you the type of engineer who likes to work on business and marketing optimization problems? Do you like to rapidly test new ideas in production? Can you move from conception to production of... more
Graph Database Specialist
Have you been working on the Tinkerpop stack before anyone knew what that was? Have you built production code in a system such as Neo4j, OrientDB or ArangoDB? Can you describe a common business... more
Product Manager - Strategy Features Set
Are you the type of product manager that can code their own HTML/CSS/JS mock-ups? Can you write your feature specs that can be understood by both business and technical users? Are you fanatical... more
Product Manager - Analytics Feature Set
Are you the type of product manager that can code their own HTML/CSS/JS mock-ups? Can you write your feature specs that can be understood by both business and technical users? Are you fanatical... more
Localization Engineer
Are you the type of localization project specialist that is part software engineer part business entrepreneur? Are you genuinely excited by the challenges and benefits of bringing SaaS software... more
Full Stack Software Development Engineer
Are you the kind of software engineer that knows how to break big problems down into smaller parts and rapidly get them done in an efficient manner? Are you the type of person that sinks their... more
Full Stack QA Tester
Do you love finding and squashing bugs more than anyone else? Does it border on weird how much you like it? Then being a Full Stack QA at Marketing.AI might be right for you. You will need to have... more
Director of Customer Success
Marketing.AI as a company takes great pride in delivering highly-responsive support to its customers, helping them to get the most out of our content marketing software. As we continue to grow, we... more
Web Designer
Marketing.AI is a leading content marketing software known for its clean and easy-to-use interface that manages to take a lot of complexity and make it simple. As the product continues to grow in... more

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