Material Insight

After our last company was acquired by a financial software company, we found ourselves drinking good coffee at Café Beano and asking... what next? Was there any hope of giving up our startup addiction? Did we genuinely want to give up the rush? Well – yes and no. We sought a way to give back our knowledge and lessons learned in the tech startup community, but couldn't quite face deep dive into inside another startup yet.

We agreed, looking five years out, we'd like to be a material part of helping multiple tech startups grow. So we came up with a plan to do that. We would build a consulting company to make vital expertise available to entrepreneurs. What would it take for it to work?

  • Be practical.
  • Be affordable.
  • Be a leading specialist in advising technology entrepreneurs.
  • And give our leaders the freedom to keep growing.

Growth milestones that we help clients tackle:

  • Positioning products or services in the market
  • Making products matter to people – branding
  • Talent to deliver – recruiting
  • Advice on building businesses – share our experiences, scars and network
  • Product sales – market reconnaissance, product enhancement

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