MedShare is a software company providing electronic agency management and e-health record (EHR) solutions to meet the business and clinical needs of home health care agencies.

MedShare solutions fill the gap left by other providers of information systems whose general technologies cater to the health care industry’s largest players – hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories and HMOs. At MedShare, we design our solutions exclusively for the home health care sector.

Home health care is what we’re all about.

MedShare solutions make home health care agencies more efficient in both administration and clinical care – so home care workers spend less time on paperwork and more time caring for their clients.

We ensure clients get better care and home care workers get more job satisfaction.

Because information shared electronically is more accurate and can be better managed and accessed, agencies gain efficiencies. More efficiency means more accurate budgeting and estimating, more rational staff assignments and scheduling, better cost control, faster and more accurate invoicing, and the ability to service more clients. And that brings a better bottom line to your agency.

MedShare is committed to better outcomes across the home health care sector – for agencies, for your employees, and for the clients who depend on you.

MedShare believes in home health care. Because just like you, it’s what we do.

We’ll help you get it right.

For home health care agencies, the question of electronic agency management is really many questions at once:
• Can we afford the initial investment in hardware and software, and to change over our existing files and processes?
• Will the new system stay current, and not quickly become obsolete?
• Is the system designed to meet the special requirements of home health care agencies, or is it just an adaptation of something made for hospitals, clinics or laboratories?
• Will it meet our critical standards of privacy, security and connectivity?
• And is it user-friendly? Will our staff, therapists, nurses and personal service workers understand it right away?

To all these questions, the MedShare answer is Yes

We know the industry, we understand your objectives, and we help make this daunting process manageable and successful.


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