Memelabs is the leading contest platform for brands, creating engagement through user-submitted video, photo, audio and text. Built as a tool for organizing UGC submissions, memelabs is used by Fortune 500 companies to deliver flawless user experiences. Supported through Web microsites, Facebook apps, and mobile apps, memelabs is completely accessible to the end user for voting, uploading and conversion. memelabs is the easiest way for a brand's customers to contribute and share a message through viral video and other low-cost, high-exposure marketing campaigns. Brands that have used memelabs include The Gap, Wells Fargo, Jim Beam, Texas Instruments, and State Farm. memelabs is an Invoke product, brought to you by the award-winning team that built HootSuite.

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News on Memelabs

Memelabs Relaunches as Brightkit, Raises Seed Round
Memelabs relaunched as Brightkit today and is off to a smashing start. Launched out of Invoke, the creators of HootSuite, Brightkit is now a part of HootSuite's App Directory. It also has this... more
PBS hits Vancouver for video contest help
The folks at the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) have engaged Vancouver's memelabs to run their YOUR PBS Video Contest. PBS isn't just for your parents anymore. It’s for you. It’s... more
Memelabs hosts Movember video contest
Vancouver's Memelabs has been enlisted by the Movember Foundation to help raise awareness for the cause by hosting the global Movember video contest. Movember is an annual, month-long celebration... more
Memelabs Adds New Photo Contest Platform to Their Roster
From the good people at memelabs who brought you the video campaign "Obama: Where were you?" back in January, comes a new photo contest. This to showcase the launch of their new memelabs photo... more
Where will you be at noon on January 20th 2009?
Vancouver's memelabs just launched Obama: Where were you?, an open participation video campaign asking contributors to answer one simple question: Where were you during US President-Elect Obama's... more
Lululemon Founder's Charity Race Runs Video Contest
Vancouver is known for many things, and I think 2008 has established it as the global capital of video contests. Strutta has launched a handful of contests over the past few months, and most... more
Memelabs launches Mini-Meme
The creative cats behind Memelabs are launching a branded turnkey video contest platform this week and have tagged it Mini-Meme. Unlike Dr. Evil's 1/8th clone Mini-Me, Mini-Meme is fully scalable... more
New Media BC Announces PopVox Winners
With over 70 submissions from around the world and thousands of (registered) digital content fans voting for their favourites, New Media BC revealed the winners of the second annual PopVox Awards... more
Penguins & Proverbs via Video Contests
Tessa Wegert writes about video contests and their power in engaging consumers on Clickz today and highlights a couple cool contests with a Vancouver connection. The Little Penguin, a brand of... more

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