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iOS Developer
We’re looking for someone to join our group of talented iOS Developers. What we're looking for: You need to love what you do, have opinions, and get excited about software. You’re up-to-date with... more

News on MetaLab

Five Career Opportunities in Canadian Tech
Are you looking for work in Canada’s growing tech sector? We’ve selected a few from our job board to get you started in your search. Opencare is looking for a Senior Product... more
Task Management App Flow Adds Chat to Improve Team Communication
Flow has added a team chat feature to give users a "complete system for organizing their communications." The Victoria-based company, whose customers include Tesla and Etsy, says teams can now... more
Victoria’s MetaLab Software Launches Peak Productivity App
Peak is a new web-based app developed by Victoria’s MetaLab Software team. The app provides coworkers with an effective way to stay up to date with what everyone is working on in the least... more
Victoria's MetaLab Revamps Flow App with Speed in Mind
When Flow was launched in 2011, we described it as "slick and easy to use." Now, Victoria's MetaLab has revamped its already popular project organizer with a complete overhaul, improving both form... more
Canadians Becoming World-renowned for Building Event Apps
Hailed as the "Internet's highest honour" by The New York Times, The Webby Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet. Although there is a scattering of... more
A Canadian Startup Made Tumblr's Partner A-List
Last week, Tumblr unveiled an A-list of partners. Just 17 companies were listed, and only one was Canadian: MetaLab based out of Victoria. The Canadian startup, which is owned by 26-year-old... more
MetaLab Launches a Brand New Ballpark
This morning Victoria's MetaLab announced on their blog that they have released a completely redesigned version of Ballpark. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ballpark,... more
Interface Design Guru Offers 'Design Capital' as an Alternative to Venture Capital
MetaLab's Andrew Wilkinson announced yesterday that his Victoria, BC-based interface design agency is now offering "Design Capital" to people with great ideas. What's Design Capital? It's... more
Metalab Adds Real-Life Concierge to Their Flow Task App
Last March, Victoria's MetaLab launched their second product, Flow, a simple tool for managing and delegating tasks. One year later, Founder and CEO Andrew Wilkinson announced that the... more
BC Startup Goes from Nothing to $500k in 1 Year with No Funding
Last March Victoria's MetaLab launched their second product Flow, a new simple tool for managing and delegating tasks. One year later Founder and CEO Andrew Wilkinson is telling the world... more
Victoria's MetaLab launches Flow App for Task Management
Yesterday Victoria's MetaLab launched their second product Flow - a new simple tool for managing and delegating tasks.  MetaLab is an Interface Design Agency, so it... more
A well-designed response from Zappos's Brian Kalma
Here's a quick follow up on last Friday's post about Andrew Wilkinson's letter to Zappos: Brian Kalma (Director of User Experience/Web Strategy at Zappos) posted a gracious and very instructive... more

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