Metavera Solutions, Inc.

Metavera Solutions, Inc.

Metavera’s story began in 2000 with a focus on sustainable transportation technologies. The company’s principals had a strong background with public transit technology systems, and wanted to mash the power of these systems with the power of the web. As appetite for web technology companies was waning, and many of our ideas were deemed to be too early for the market, we focused on consulting and developing internal data management technologies for a small high profile clientele of mass transit organizations which we continue to support.

At the same time, our interest turned to a new sustainable transportation model -- CarSharing.

In 2001, the company launched its prototype CarSharing reservation system with AutoShare of Toronto being its first customer. Over time, this groundbreaking platform now known as Autovera, has evolved along with the CarSharing industry, to fulfill the technology gap in reservations, membership management, fleet management and automated billing. Autovera is now the leading platform for independent CarShare Operators in North America.

While we continued to build the Autovera platform, and as web technology advanced at an amazing pace, Metavera's acumen for developing enterprise applications allowed us to expand into the web development services market. We focused on enterprise needs, specifically: scalability, bullet proof reliability, superior performance, business and systems analysis, cutting edge web design, and time to market efficiencies. Our award winning food retail ordering platform highlights all of these capabilities.

Today Metavera is a unique organization that is able to deliver custom web application systems to enterprises seeking to reduce operational costs, increase revenue, and launch new products and continues to expand the technology and market share with the its Autovera product line.


2221 Yonge St
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4S2B4