Mincov Law Corporation

Mincov Law Corporation

Mincov Law Corporation is the force behind the Trademark Factory®, the service that revolutionizes the way business owners register their trademarks in Canada. We are unique in offering a Triple Peace-of-Mind Guarantee on our services. Check us out at http://trademarkfactory.ca

On top of that, we offer outside the box legal solutions for businesses and individuals.

There is never a time when it is too early for a startup to consult with an IP lawyer. If a startup has an intention of ever becoming successful (otherwise, why is it in the business in the first place), it needs to have a solid foundation that would allow the business to protect its success. It can be too late (and is always much more expensive) for a successful business to defend the rights that have been neglected.

Through Mincov Law Corporation, we offer practical, commercially realistic litigation and solicitor services for individuals and organizations on various aspects of copyright, trademarks, know-how and other non-patent general intellectual property. As part of our practice we have also gained substantial experience with various employment and contractual disputes.

We fully understand that the words “the best lawyer out there” are meaningless if they do not address two issues that all clients are concerned with: the best lawyer for what purpose and at what cost. In our practice, we make sure that the client knows exactly what to expect, and we do everything to make sure that our work surpasses the client’s best expectations.

Our tagline is, I know. I can. I get it done. That's what we're all about!


300 - 1055 W Hastings St
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada