Mobywan Corporation

Mobywan Corporation

Based in Toronto, Ontario and founded in July of 2010, Mobywan develops Mobeo for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry smartphones.

Mobeo is a location-based social game that allows you to connect with your friends based on where you are in the real world. Drop a Slippery Banana at your brother’s favourite coffee shop for his next visit, throw a Flaming Cabbage at your friends when they’re at the mall, or find notes that a friend left for you to discover. Mobeo makes everyone’s daily routine more exciting!

Mobeo was made available for the Android and iPhone platforms as of February 21, 2011 and Blackberry development is currently underway. Its features include:
● Proprietary location technology enables fluid gameplay — no need for check-ins
● Cross-platform messaging, ‘friending’, gifting and Twitter & Facebook integration drive social experience
● Real-time feedback enabled by push notifications
● Powerful privacy controls limit who can see your location or personal profile
● Users can earn achievements and points that go towards leveling-up and unlocking new features
● Unique location-based gaming that creates new & more effective advertising opportunities
● Free to download & play for Android, iPhone and soon BlackBerry
● Designed as platform for flexibility in adding additional features and third-party development


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