MomentVille was founded in 2007 with a single mission: help people plan, share, and remember life’s special moments. MomentVille allows users to quickly and easily build their own personal, stylish wedding websites. MomentVille’s easy to use interface makes is one of the most popular methods for couples to share information and interact with their friends and family.

MomentVille provides the easiest way to create a personal website. Websites are created in minutes following a very simple three step approach:

  • Sign up
  • Pick a theme
  • Enter event details

Users will then have a personal website with which they can begin adding their own photos, videos and stories.

Editing the website is extremely simple. With the click of a mouse, users can make ‘real-time’ changes directly on their personal website. Additionally, users can:

  • Move an element (text, graphic, etc) around the page with a simple drag and drop function;
  • Edit text in place by clicking on it, editing the text, and then hitting save;
  • Resize photos in place with a slider; or
  • Instantly change themes at any time.


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Toronto, Ontario, Canada