Muuver is a tool that lets users Like or Dislike... anything.

Using a mobile app, browser toolbar or website widgets, users can vote and leave their opinion on virtually any item, place, person thing or idea. The system then assembles all user created information relating to a given item onto one page called the 'item page'. Items that attain a substantial following become 'muuvements' that users can join to either promote something, support something, or cause a change.

Mobile methods of item discovery are; geolocation, QR code, photo, video, text and mobile url. The geolocation and QR code methods are not included on the website, while the toolbar is meant to enable users to vote on web pages without having to place muuver social buttons on those web pages.

The accumulated data creates a rich consumer research resource, as well as a vast range of user interest graphs and concurrent demographic interest graphs.

The point system offered to users is in place not only to create a virtual economy on muuver, where points can be used to redeem against 3rd party offers, but the points are also used to verify other users, and well as pass to other users for doing social good on muuver.

Pre-launch date set for April 26th, 2011 is focused on registering 10,000 alpha users for initial launch of version 1.0 of muuver.


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