My City Lives

My City Lives

My City Lives is a digital media platform that Geo tags online videos on an interactive map to produce a living guide to a city. The platform's value is leveraging real world experiences to take their users "one step beyond Streetview" through content from the emerging infotainment segment. The company provides a fused model of company created and user generated stories.

Collectively, these stories are what define a city, but they are rarely connected with the sterile grids of modern cartography or even lively user generated review sites. Through the advents of modern media, My City Lives brings an authentic view of a city that is powerful because it is personal—we animate the missing link between locations and the people. A city is not a collection of inanimate roads, expressways, trolley-tracks or buildings; that is infrastructure. A city is the combination of these objects with the people who build and live amongst them. At My City Lives, we combine the topographical precision of new-age mapping technology with the vibrancy and style of an independent film.

Ordinary maps are lifeless—we present a view of our city by the people who make Toronto breathe.


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