saves you time, stress and money in your search for a lawyer. It is free and allows you to have lawyers compete for your legal work.

Register today and, in three simple steps, you can find the lawyer that best suits your legal and budgetary needs. MyLawBid currently has over 200 lawyers in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. Here is what some of our users have to say about MyLawBid:

“The response to my post was tremendous. At first I was worried that the lawyers would not be of high caliber but they exceeded my expectations.” -- Small Business Owner, Aurora, ON

“I found MyLawBid to be a very speedy and efficient service that saved me time and money. Within a day of submitting my request, I had a couple lawyers contact me and I am now working with one of them. MyLawBid is a valuable resource that I will continue to use as my business grows.” -- Shawn Mintz, President of, Toronto, ON

“MyLawBid has an easy to follow signup process. I received multiple responses to my request for bids and look forward to following up with them soon.” -- Jessica Oman, Owner of Write Ahead, Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON

“The lawyer I selected is fantastic. Using MyLawBid really streamlined the whole process of purchasing my condo. It was reassuring that it cost me nothing and there was no requirement to hire any of the lawyers who contacted me. I hope that I don't need a lawyer in the near future, but if I do I will certainly use MyLawBid again.” -- Holly K., Toronto, ON

If you are a lawyer, saves you time, stress and money because it brings prospective clients directly to you. Register today and take advantage of all of MyLawBid’s services. Here is what one of our lawyers has to say about his experience with MyLawBid:

“It is my distinct pleasure to recommend MyLawBid. I have been a member law firm since 2011 and I have enjoyed first-hand experience of MyLawBid’s professionalism. MyLawBid is an easy to use tool to meet prospects and communicate in an efficient and professional manner. Jeff Fung in particular has created a wonderful website and I consider MyLawBid as an important part of our future.” -- David Gray, MacDonald Sager Manis LLP, Toronto, ON

Register today and let MyLawBid save you time, stress and money in your search for a lawyer.

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Finding the right lawyer at a reasonable cost is seldom easy. Toronto-based web startup MyLawBid hopes to change this for Canadians. MyLawBid is a free online platform designed to simplify... more

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