Natural Semantic Modules

nSM develops natural language software interfaces that makes interactions with computers and web sites more user friendly.

Our software interprets typed in requests on web sites and then responds with an answer, an action or a combination of the two.

nSM’s solution helps make Web Self-Service solutions even more user friendly by improving the interpretation of the users input, thereby reducing site abandonment and inbound phone calls. nSM also performs computer based commands based on users input including actions such as opening a web page or another application.

nSM successfully combines a pioneering scientific research in the field of language semantics with the prominent programming practices and discipline. The company further relies on the exceptional management team and sound marketing and sales strategy to make a strong impact on the market.

The company has offices in Toronto, Canada and Boone, NC, USA.

In addition the company has developed scientific, technological, and marketing links to strategic partners and research centers in USA, Australia and Great Britain.


510 - 5 Tangreen Cir
Toronto, Ontario, Canada