With more than 15 million members, Netflix, Inc. [Nasdaq: NFLX] is the world’s largest subscription service streaming movies and TV episodes over the Internet and sending DVDs by mail. For $8.99 a month, Netflix members can instantly watch unlimited TV episodes and movies streamed to their TVs and computers and can receive unlimited DVDs delivered quickly to their homes. With Netflix, there are never any due dates or late fees. Members can select from a growing library of titles that can be watched instantly and a vast array of titles on DVD. Among the large and expanding base of devices that can stream movies and TV episodes from Netflix right to members’ TVs are Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PS3 game consoles and Nintendo’s Wii console; Blu-ray disc players from Samsung, LG and Insignia; Internet TVs from LG, Sony and VIZIO; the Roku digital video player and TiVo digital video recorders; and Apple’s iPad tablet.


News on Netflix

Nobody Should Have to 'Choose Between Netflix and Privacy,' Says OpenMedia
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is being asked to reverse his company’s crackdown on privacy-conscious VPN users and find a better way of enforcing its contractual obligations to geographic content... more
Netflix Blocks Use of VPNs in Several Countries
It appears that Netflix has started blocking VPNs in Europe, preventing the countries from using simple online workarounds to access the larger US content library. The streaming company has... more
Netflix Takes Global Approach to Content Recommendations
Netflix faced a challenge when it launched simultaneously in more than 100 new countries this year: how can it deliver intelligent recommendations to everyone? The company addressed this in a... more
Has Watching Netflix Become More Appealing Than Going to a Movie Theatre?
For Netflix subscribers, the ideal date night is a quiet night in watching Netflix rather than heading out to the movie theatre, according to a new Ipsos poll. The poll—which, comissioned... more
Canadian Researcher Thinks He Can Help Netflix Stop People Accessing Other Countries' Libraries
A common practice among Netflix users is to use software to suggest they are from another country, thereby accessing content libraries they aren't legally entitled to—and the company thus far... more
Netflix Becomes Available in 130 More Countries
Netflix has launched its service globally, simultaneously bringing its streaming network to more than 130 new countries around the world. The company made the announcement during a keynote by... more
Netflix Raises Price of Subscription in Canada
Netflix is increasing the cost of its video streaming service. The monthly price is rising by one dollar, from $9 to $10. Netflix last raised its price for new customers less than two years... more
Haivision Moves into Enterprise Video Platform Market
Large organizations are increasingly using video to communicate with their employees but getting that content to the right people can be a challenge. “Video is emerging as the most... more
The Dark Side of Streaming: How Fragmentation Will Ruin the Golden Age of Television Watching
A few years ago, it looked like we were on the cusp of a golden age of television watching—an age marked not just by quality content, but also by the final break between television shows and... more
Can Netflix Reach a Bigger Audience Than All Major Broadcast Networks?
Netflix could soon reach a bigger audience than any of America's biggest broadcast networks. An analysis by FBR Capital Markets suggests the streaming service is already on par with ABC and NBC... more
Netflix Gives Website First 'Major Upgrade' in Four Years
Netflix today unveiled its new website. It’s the video streaming company's first major update in four years. "It’s an experience that has been built from the ground up to make it... more
Millions of People Still Pay to Receive Netflix DVDs by Mail
Netflix was responsible for the streaming of 10 billion hours of digital content during the first three months of this year. The company's stock is riding a high after its latest quarterly... more
One-Third of Canadian Netflix Users Access US Library
Media Technology Monitor recently released a report highlighting Canadian media habits. The report showed that 29% of Canadian Netflix users have used a US IP address to access that country's... more
Tech Dominates List of Most Influential Brands in Canada
The Institute of Communication Agencies in partnership with Ipsos Reid this week unveiled the Top 10 Most Influential Brands in Canada at day two of FFWD: Advertising & Marketing Week 2015 in... more
Netflix Canada Has Less Content Than in US, Yes – But It's Better Quality
There's no denying Canadians have less content to watch on Netflix than in the US. But things may not be quite so grim as we like to believe. Yes, we have less content—about half as much,... more
Amazon Entering Movie Business a Nightmare for Hollywood
Amazon is about to disrupt Hollywood. Again.The Seattle-based company that sells almost everything under the sun kicked off its year with a massive triumph over the major Hollywood studios at the... more
Netflix Believes There's a Misconception About Internet Fast Lanes
Netflix has issued a strong statement on its stance regarding "fast lanes" on the Internet. Fast lanes—where data can get priority on a user-by-user basis, like a toll road versus a... more
How Any Canadian Can Start Watching Content from US Netflix in a Matter of Minutes: 2015 Edition
    Netflix’s low fee of $8 per month is easily one of the greatest gifts to home entertainment, especially in Canada, where cable is expensive and restrictive. Award-winning... more
Streaming Heats Up: Bell Launches CraveTV, Latest Competitor to Netflix and Shomi
Kevin Crull of Bell Media this week introduced Canada to CraveTV, the company’s new subscription on-demand video streaming service. Slated to launch December 11, the streaming product "is... more
Win Free Netflix for a Year!
    UPDATE: This contest is now closed. Winners have been contacted. Netflix gift cards are now available from retailers across Canada, including Best Buy, Walmart, and 7-Eleven.... more
This Month Netflix Launches Its Most Expensive Show Ever
One of the most expensive television series ever made is a Netflix original. Slated to debut worldwide December 12, "Marco Polo" cost Netflix a staggering $90 million to produce 10 episodes, or... more
Rogers Launches Free Shomi Beta Trial for Customers
Rogers says its new subscription video-on-demand service, shomi, is now available in a beta trial to all Rogers Internet or cable customers. The company says eligible Rogers customers can sign... more
Could CRTC Decision on Rogers, Bell Dispute Impact Netflix?
When Rogers revealed its streaming hockey package in early September it came with a catch, in order to watch the 1,000-plus games online customers had to have a traditional cable or satellite... more
Rogers' Netflix Competitor Shomi Lands Deal with Warner Bros.
Shomi has inked deals with Warner Bros. International Distribution for both new and library series, as well as feature films. Starting this November, shomi, a subscription video-on-demand... more
Netflix Backing Canadian Original Series for First Time
For the first time, Netflix is ordering an original Canadian production. The streaming service, which is wildly popular in Canada, will back survival thriller Between, which stars Jennette... more
HBO Relents, Plans to Offer Shows Like 'Game of Thrones' Without Cable Subscription
HBO's antiquated, stubborn stance on requiring a cable subscription is finally weakening in the new era of television. Richard Plepler, chief executive officer of Time Warner's HBO division,... more
Netflix Now Accounts for up to 40% of Downstream Internet Traffic in Canada During Peak Hours
Netflix is the leading application in Canada, and on select networks, can account for up to 40% of downstream traffic in the peak evening hours. This is according to Sandvine, a provider of... more
Netflix Slowest on Telus in Canada, Fastest on Bell; Rogers Greatly Boosts Speed
Watching Netflix might be a different experience depending on which service provider supplies your internet connection. Telus ranked behind Bell, Rogers, and Shaw for Netflix speeds, according... more
Rogers, Shaw Join Forces to Launch Made-in-Canada Netflix Competitor Called 'Shomi'
Rogers Communications and Shaw Communications have joined forces to launch shomi, a new streaming service in Canada that aims to take on Netflix. Shomi is slated to launch in beta for Rogers and... more
Australians Join Canadians in Streaming of US Netflix Content En Masse
Reports of Canadians helping themselves to regular servings of American Netflix are nothing new. But did you know that the U.S. Netflix offerings are being consumed in countries where the... more
Netflix to Bring Disney Movies to Canadians
This week Netflix and Walt Disney Studios revealed a multi-year licensing deal. The deal will bring first-run Disney live-action and animated films to the video streaming service—and,... more
Verizon and Netflix Lock Horns Again – Pay Attention, Because There's a Lot at Stake
Mad Men. House of Cards. Community. Breaking Bad. Netflix has given rise to a population of "binge watchers" who devour entire seasons of television shows in one sitting. For the end consumer,... more
Netflix Closing in on Total Viewership Numbers as Cable Networks Shake in Their Boots
Are you sick of seeing the same old stale ideas from the big cable networks invading our TV screens? It’s rather amusing to think about how many man hours went into the entire process from... more
Netflix Accounts for More Than One-Third of Internet Traffic in Canada During Peak Hours
Netflix now accounts for more than one-third of internet traffic during peak hours in North America, according to a new report from Canadian networking services company Sandvine. At 34%,... more
Netflix is Being Really Generous to Canadians in Regards to Its Price Increase
Late last month we reported that video streaming company Netflix was planning to raise the price of its monthly subscription service by up to $2—but that existing customers would enjoy the... more
Streaming Giant Hulu Partners with Vancouver's Immersive Media for 360-Degree Video Ads
TV and movie streaming company Hulu made a slew of announcements in New York recently, not the least of which was a partnership with Vancouver-based Immersive Media, a provider of 360-degree and... more
Canadians Snubbed Once Again by Amazon with Latest HBO Partnership
Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: an Internet streaming company adds a new service in the U.S. and Canadians are shut out from accessing it. The latest in a far-too-plentiful... more
Netflix Plans to Raise Prices Soon but Current Subscribers Will Catch a Break
Netflix plans to raise the cost of its monthly subscriptions by up to $2 in some countries, including the US and Canada, the company revealed this week. The modest price increase won't affect... more
Is Netflix's Vision of the Future Technical Magic or a Total Nightmare?
HD. Super HD. Now 4K, or "Ultra HD." Netflix, the now ubiquitous streaming service, has been leading the charge for delivering the sharpest picture possible—and doing so over... more
Today’s Internet Experience Was 25 Years in the Making
The fact that I am writing on a device that has no connection cables yet has high speed access to the internet is a testament of the advancement in internet accessibility and sustainability.... more
How the Sacred Movie-watching Experience Survived the First Round of Extinction
When I graduated from film school in 2008, the landscape of the entertainment industry was changing, morphing with the technology and trying to catch up to new innovations. Young filmmakers,... more
Netflix Brings Back Canadian Comedy Series 'Trailer Park Boys' for Two Exclusive Seasons
Canadian comedy series "Trailer Park Boys" has found a new home on Netflix via Entertainment One. New episodes featuring the inimitable trio of Ricky, Julian and Bubbles, as well as all past... more
A Simple Guide for Canadians to Legally Enjoy Content from US Netflix: 2014 Edition
See our updated version here. Netflix’s low fee of $7.99 per month is easily one of the greatest gifts to home entertainment. Emmy-worthy television content such as House of Cards and Orange... more
Thanks to Netflix and House of Cards, 'Super binger' is Now a Thing
Move over, selfie. The new buzz-worthy term of the day is "super binge." Thanks to Netflix, the video-streaming subscription service that's breeding content bingers worldwide—and... more
Why a US Net Neutrality Court Case May Affect Canadians Too
Seems like everyone is talking about "net neutrality" again. Although the concept has been around for about 10 years, not many people really know what it’s about. Until not too long... more
Netflix Could Actually Become Cheaper for Some Users – but More Expensive for Others
Netflix is testing a new pricing model that could make it cheaper for some people—but more expensive for others. The popular subscription streaming service wants to charge only $7 for... more
How Canadians Can Watch US Netflix
Click here for the updated 2014 version.   Netflix’s low fee of $7.99 per month is easily one of the greatest gifts to home entertainment. And with the recent addition of Emmy-worthy... more
Netflix to Allow up to Five Different User Profiles on One Account
One feature Netflix users have been requesting for years is the ability to create multiple profiles for a single account, so that one household doesn't need to have its preferences mingled. This... more
Netflix Explains Why Its Canadian Content Library is So Different from the US
Ever wonder why Netflix's content library varies so dramatically from region to region? The company decided to answer that question for you one of its Quick Guide YouTube videos. Netflix cites... more
Netflix Launches Family Section to Help Parents Keep Their Kids Entertained
54% of Canadian parents with children 12 years and under wish it were easier to entertain their family during the summer months, according to a recent survey conducted by Ipsos Reid on behalf of... more
CRTC to Take Deep Look at Canada's Television Industry
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is launching a major review of the rules that govern Canada's television industry for the first time since 1993. Both consumers... more
Now Yahoo Wants to Buy Hulu
Yahoo just acquired Tumblr this past weekend for $1.1 billion, but it's already on the hunt for another purchase. According to a report from The Los Angeles Times, the company has set its sights... more
Netflix: Here's Why Streaming Video is Better Than Watching Traditional TV
As digital content streaming slowly takes over traditional television—and, in some cases, peacefully co-exists with it—Netflix felt it necessary to explain why streaming is simply... more
Netflix Not Concerned with Piracy: 'People are Mostly Honest'
Netflix, one would think, despises piracy. After all, Torrent sites are built around offering for free what Netflix charges customers a monthly fee to access. But if the company's chief content... more
Canadian Netflix Users Not Binge Watchers, Study Reveals
Studies have shown that Netflix users are typically "binge watchers," meaning they like to watch a lot of content in one sitting. But that may not be so in Canada, at least for Netflix's first... more
Netflix Puts $100K up for Grabs in 'Cloud Prize,' a Competition for Developers to Improve the Cloud
Netflix today announced the Netflix Cloud Prize, a competition designed to "make cloud computing better for everyone." The video streaming company, which now has more than 33 million members, is... more
Netflix Has No Plans to Build BlackBerry 10 App, Company Says
While we're fans of BlackBerry 10, we can't deny that the platform's app ecosystem is a huge weakness. And unfortunately for BlackBerry, key companies aren't helping. Last month, it was revealed... more
Original Series 'House of Cards' Becomes Most-watched Netflix Content in Canada
Original political thriller "House of Cards" has become the most-watched content on Netflix in Canada. According to chief content officer Ted Sarandos speaking at the Dive Into Media conference... more
Netflix Offers Original Series 'House of Card' Free to Non-subscribers
Netflix original drama series House of Cards is now available to watch. And in an interesting marketing move, the video streaming company is letting non-subscribers watch the first episode for... more
Canada's Infatuation with Netflix Far from Sated: Subscriptions up 50% in 2012
In early 2012, critics wondered whether Netflix was nearing a saturation point in Canada. It wasn't. And even though its content library is not quite as robust as it is in America, Netflix is still... more
Research In Motion and Netflix Removed from NASDAQ 100
Waterloo-based Research In Motion will be removed from the Nasdaq 100 at the end of this year, the stock market index announced this week. The index includes the 100 largest non-financial stocks... more
Netflix Now Available on Wii U, Takes Advantage of Both Screens
Nintendo's latest gaming console, the Wii U, just launched. And Netflix is already raring to go. The company's popular web streaming service is immediately available for use on the Wii U. Netflix... more
Netflix Accounts for up to 33% of All Internet Traffic in Canada
Netflix's stock has been a rollercoaster these past couple years. But there's no doubt the company holds major clout in the video streaming space. Netflix single-handedly accounted for a... more
Netflix Reaches 30 Million Users Worldwide, Canada Remains Strong Market
Netflix has reached 30 million users worldwide just days after a weak quarterly earnings report. "Thirty million of you are now Netflix streaming members. I'd like to express my gratitude to each... more
Netflix Remains Strong in Canada. Elsewhere, Not So Much
Netflix considers Canada a "strong" market. And while growth has slowed, our nation remains dedicated to the streaming video service. “Two years have passed since launch and our subscriber... more
The Web is About to Obliterate Canada's Entertainment Industry. Here's How to Save It
Canada's entertainment industry is under fire. The web is the shooter. And, if you hear it from Quebecor's chief executive, our nation currently has little armour with which to defend itself.... more
Netflix CEO Takes Jab at Amazon: 'Prime Video is a Confusing Mess'
Reed Hastings, the chief executive officer of Netflix, is not known for taking jabs at competitors. But this week he swung at Amazon, whose Prime service recently added a video streaming component... more
Netflix Creates 'Completely New Experience' on iPhone
Netflix has created what it called a "new experience" on the iPhone. Netflix says that millions of members use their smartphones to watch movies and TV shows. To reflect the growing salience of... more
Canada’s broadband caps ‘almost a human rights violation’ says Netflix exec
According to a survey conducted in March 2012, 10% of Canadians use Netflix. But Netflix's Ted Sarandos thinks that number would be a lot higher if it wasn't for Canadian ISPs. This week at the... more
Bell is Taking on Netflix with Made-in-Canada Content Streaming Service
Bell today revealed it has plans take on Netflix with a similar, Canadian-made service. "The Canadian system needs companies with the scale to compete against foreign content companies like... more
Far from Dead: Netflix Gains Subscribers at Record Speed
Netflix has a rough last year or two, with a few major gaffes (remember Quikster?) leading to same major subscriber bloodshed. And the company's stock recovery—after falling from $300 to $60... more
The Olympics are Clobbering Netflix: Viewing Down, Sign-ups Weak
When you can watch the world's greatest athletes pour their hearts and souls into dozens of live sports, old episodes of 90210 just don't hold their charm. Which is why the London 2012 Olympic... more
Netflix Wants to Crowdsource Captioning for Its 50,000 Videos
Have you ever tried using closed captioning on your television out of curiosity, or perhaps as a novelty, or maybe in a loud mall—or, of course, if you're hard of hearing? Then you know that... more
Netflix Warns Investors of Trouble Ahead, Stock Plunges 25%
Netflix shares took a beating today after the video streaming company warned investors this morning it may experience difficulty reaching its year-end target for new subscribers and will record a... more
Netflix 'Taggers' Get Paid to Watch Free Movies All Day
Last month, we pointed that the reason Netflix's recommendation engine is so accurate is because the company employs real people to watch every single piece of content and thoroughly tag each show... more
Netflix Reaches One Billion Hours of Monthly Viewing, CEO Says It's Just Getting Warmed Up
Netflix endured some dark times late last year but has since become more popular than ever. Indeed, CEO Reed Hastings this week revealed that June marked the first time Netflix reached one... more
Here's Why Netflix's Recommendation Engine is So Eerily Accurate
Netflix a technology company. Their video streaming is on the cutting edge of how to effectively deliver mass content at an affordable rate to millions of consumers—it's proven to be a... more
Netflix Subscribers Have Doubled in Canada Since Last Year, Survey Finds
Canadians love watching online video. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that Netflix—despite its inferior library North of the border—is popular among Canadians. According to... more
Netflix Expands Ultimate Fighting Championship Content in Canada
Today Netflix announced a major expansion of its Ultimate Fighting Championship content offering in Canada. Canadian subscribers will now be able to watch a wide variety of recent and classic UFC... more
Research In Motion Desperately Wants Netflix on BlackBerry
When Netflix ventured into Canada, it was very quickly made available on Apple's iOS and Google's Android—the two major global players in mobile today. But Research In Motion's BlackBerry,... more
DHX Media Strikes Deal with Netflix for More Canadian Content
Canada's DHX Media, with offices in Halifax, Toronto, and Vancouver, has signed a content deal with Netflix. DHX, an independent producer, distributor, and licensor of children's entertainment... more
Ten Percent of Canadians Now Use Netflix
According to a new survey, 10% of Canadians now use Netflix. And those subscribers watch far more TV than average. The survey suggests that Netflix viewers watch 28% more TV than the average... more
Netflix Refuses to Support RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet
As a streaming service without any of its own hardware products, one of the keys to Netflix's success is being compatible with as many devices as possible—from computers to smartphones to... more
Netflix is Now Available on the PlayStation Vita
Thinking of buying a Vita, Sony's new handheld PlayStation gaming console? Well, some good news has surfaced—you'll be able to watch Netflix on it. While rumours and early testers... more
Netflix plans to double Canadian Content
According to reports Netflix is promising that 2012 will be a big year for the company in Canada, with plans to double its acquisition spending for movies and TV shows and give Canadians access... more
'Netflix is Broken,' Analyst Warns
Netflix is in deep $#!%—this we know. But is it fundamentally broken? Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter has indeed called Netflix "broken." In a research note to investors, Michael today wrote... more
Netflix is Going Down Hard
It was only a few months ago that Netflix's share price was flirting with $300 and the company was on an insane growth trajectory with nothing standing in its way. Unfortunately, Netflix... more
Netflix adds Breaking Bad to Canadian library
Slowly but surely, Netflix is making its Canadian content library less pathetic. Today, Netflix announced the addition of seasons 1, 2, and 3 of Breaking Bad, an Emmy Award-winning television... more
HP pulls a Netflix, decides to keep its PC business after all
New CEO, new plan. Or rather, old plan. Just resurrected. Indeed, HP announced that it has reversed course—it's no longer going to sell off its PC division, as originally announced in... more
Netflix stock plummets 35% after-hours as subscribers abandon crumbling service
Netflix has fallen from grace. Hard. From a high of $300 in July, the share price of NFLX has plunged deep into the abyss. When Netflix doubled the price of its combined DVD-and-streaming service... more
Canadians To Have Comparable Netflix Content To U.S.
Netflix released their Q3 earning yesterday, and the numbers in the U.S. show an eventful year.  Although profits are up 63% since last year, they have lost 800,000 of their subscribers since... more
Netflix for Android comes to Canada
Netflix today expanded its support for the Android mobile operating system with the release of a new Netflix app for Android. This new app lets Netflix members in Canada stream from Netflix on... more
Netflix axes Qwikster before it launches
Well that was qwik. Faster than you can say "HP TouchPad," Netflix has killed Qwikster before it even launched. When first announced, the move was met with intense criticism from both consumers... more
Netflix launches Facebook integration and CEO blames Canada for Qwikster blunder
Yesterday was a big day for Netflix in Canada. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings hit the stage at Facebook’s f8 developer conference to announce that Netflix users will soon be able to see what... more
Netflix CEO admits he 'messed up,' rebrands DVD-by-mail service as Qwikster
Netflix is rebranding its DVD-by-mail service as Qwikster, solidifying the company's decision to divide its digital streaming and mail order services into two completely separatre entities. CEO... more
'No rules whatsoever': Netflix should be subject to same regulations as broadcasters, industry veteran argues
Astral Media says that foreign, internet-based competitors like Netflix should be subject to the same rules and regulations that apply to Canadian broadcasters. Astral CEO Ian Greenberg says... more
Google launches Canadian online movie service to compete with Netflix
Google is going head-to-head with Netflix in Canada by launching a YouTube-based movie rental service. Known simply as YouTube Movies, the service which launched in the US earlier this year, is now... more
50% of Netflix customers use game consoles to watch movies
According to a survey conducted by Nielsen, 50 per cent of all Netflix users in the U.S. use game consoles to watch their streamed content. In comparison, 42 per cent watched their movies and TV... more
Netflix hits 1-million member milestone in Canada, Manitoban woman wins lifetime membership
Less 10 months after launching in Canada, Netflix has reached the one-million member mark. The achievement was reached in late July, when Amanda Bell James from Flin Flon, Manitoba won a lifetime... more
Netflix Bringing Some Showtime and CBS Love To Canada
According to Reuters, they’ve recently signed a two-year contract with CBS and Showtime, and will be bringing some of their southern goodness streaming to Canada. Among the shows that will... more
Shaw's Movie Club will be exempt from data caps. Is this a step forward or a leap backward?
Update: Shawinfo has since tweeted, "Shaw Movie Club over your internet connection does count towards the your data, just like netflix and other services." Shaw's upcoming Netflix-rivalling... more
Competition in Canada: Shaw challenges Netflix with similar service, Movie Club
Alberta-based Shaw plans to launch a new movie service that will be pitted against U.S. giant Netflix's Canadian offerings. A monthly fee will grant users access to the Movie Club. Its... more
Netflix accounts for 30% of Internet traffic in North America
According to a report released by Sandvine today Netflix accounted for 29.7% of all information downloaded during peak usage hours by North American broadband-connected households in March 2011.... more
Netflix attracts 800,000 Canadian subscribers in 6 months
Netflix announced yesterday that its video subscription service attracted 3.6 million more customers in the first quarter to boost its US audience to roughly the same size as the country's... more
Netflix takes measures to reduce its damage on Canadians' internet usage caps
Netflix has decided to reduce the default quality settings on its audio and video for Canadians in attempt to lower the damage it deals to our tiny internet usage caps. The company's goal is to... more
Netflix Canada Gains Exclusive Subscription Deal With Paramount Movies
It is no secret that Canadian Netflix subscribers have to deal with far less Netflix content than our neighbours to the south.  However, a new deal struck between Netflix and Paramount Movies... more
Netflix looking to start producing original, exclusive content: report
According to online entertainment magazine Deadline, Netflix is making an aggressive move towards producing original content for their video streaming service. The report suggested that Netflix had... more
Amazon steps on Netflix's toes with streaming TV and movie service - is Canada next? is rolling out a TV and movie streaming service to U.S. customers. The service is granted to "Prime" customers, who pay $79 per year for unlimited two-day shipping on all orders. Now,... more
Are the CRTC and CMPA about to devastate Netflix's hopes of succeeding in Canada?
As if Netflix doesn't have enough constrictions from low-cellinged internet plans laid out by the oligarchs that comprise Canada's telecom industry, NextWeb is reporting that Ottawa may very well... more
Netflix and Canada a foul mix: Customers face 20,000% markups on overage fees as streaming video devours data
Canada is typically perceived as a friendly country, but it hasn't been nice to Netflix since the company offered its services north of the border last fall. Michael Oliveira points out in... more
Week in Review: A look at the hottest content
Top 5 Posts This Week: Rachael Chesnutt's Guide on How to Get Fired Through Social Media Why Netflix's dominance in the U.S. is not translating to success in Canada The art of pitching... more
Why Netflix's dominance in the U.S. is not translating to success in Canada
Netflix has become a staple in the lives of millions of Americans who gleefully indulge in both its streaming content and mail-order DVD rental services. Believing it could accomplish the same... more
A Tale of Two Streamers: Netflix on the move, Alphaline doesn't have a hope
Run for the hills, Netflix; there are two new video streaming sheriffs in town: Kmart and Sears. Yes, you read that right. The Sears Holding Corporation, which operates both companies, has started... more
Netflix increases Canadian Content offerings
It looks like all of Shaw’s bellyaching about Netflix not observing Canadian Content regulations — despite not being a truer broadcaster — are all for naught. The streaming movie... more
In defence of Canadian Content laws
Yesterday, I wrote a piece about how Shaw Cable had a beef with Netflix. They say that Netflix should be regulated by the CRTC, because, for all intents and purposes, Netflix is a broadcaster (in... more
Should the CRTC regulate Netflix?
Shaw Colmmunications is saying that the CRTC should regulate companies like Netflix that provide videos and movies over the Internet, even though Netflix is not a broadcaster. From The Globe and... more
News in Short: iTunes sells half a million Beatles albums in first week; Netflix hikes subscription cost
Apple sells 450,000 Beatles albums in one week In jus one week, Apple sold nearly half a million Beatles albums through its iTunes digital store. The legendary band was launched, after years of... more
From the ashes of their predecessors, the next generation of media giants arise
Originally published by TK Kwon in The Other Press. The year is 1997, there is a VCR in almost every home and new to the scene is the highly sought after DVD. After the failure of Laserdisc in the... more
Cineplex to offer Canadians new movie download service
Cineplex, Canada's cinema titan, is expanding its horizons - and stepping on Netflix's toes. Cineplex Galaxy is launching a new digital service that will enable consumers to download movies from... more
From Google and Apple to Rogers and Bell... Which streaming video service is right for you?
2010 has seen online video streaming become considerably more mainstream in Canada than most expected a year or two past. With Netflix freshly launched here, in addition to Bell's new service, plus... more
Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3 to offer disc-free Netflix content streaming
Down with discs! Greg Peter, vice president of product development at Netflix, announced via the Netflix blog today that with the Wii and PS3, "you’ll be able to watch movies and... more
CBC interviews Netflix CEO Reed Hastings
The Canadian version of Netflix debuted in Canada Wednesday, and decided to interview founder and CEO Reed Hastings about the future of the service in Canada. Among the topics discussed... more
Netflix embarrassed over actors exposed at Canada launch, apologizes
Netflix closed down a Toronto street today as part of an opulent launch to promote its highly anticipated Canadian release. But much of the crowd consisted of actors, who were paid to be... more executive: Netflix is going to expand our market
As reported earlier today, Netflix has launched its online streaming service in Canada.  You would think that this market-entry would be cause for concern for, Canada's largest DVD... more
Netflix shuts down John Street in Toronto in prep for Canada launch tomorrow
It's expected that Netflix will officially launch in Canada tomorrow. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings will reportedly be speaking in Toronto tomorrow to launch the company's streaming service in... more
Co-founder of Microsoft is suing Facebook, Google, Apple, eBay, and more
Paul Allen, a co-founder of Microsoft (but has since left), has filed lawsuits against  AOL, Apple, eBay, Facebook, Netflix, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Staples, Yahoo and YouTube (owned by... more
Why wireless and digital media competition is dying in Canada
Netflix enters Canada and Rogers responds by lowering data levels.  WIND Mobile, Mobilicity and Public Mobile enter the Canadian wireless marketplace and Rogers announces Chatr Wireless. One... more
The Netflix Invasion: Has the time come to buy gravestones for our local video stores?
One month away from the shuttering of his Rent-A-Flick video rental store, Amir Sharafali reflects on the industry shift. “The movie business will always be around; it’s just the way... more
Netflix entry into Canada triggers Rogers to trim its services, but not its prices
Good companies will always offer you "more for less." But in the case of Rogers Communications, they're charging you more for less. Canada's country's second-biggest Internet provider is lowering... more
Netflix will cross border to Canada this year
Netflix announced today that it will be expanding its online subscription video-on-demand service to Canadians this fall and delivering movies and TV episodes to televisions and computers North... more

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