Netmatrix Internet Company

Netmatrix Internet Company

Netmatrix constantly conducts research, develops new and improves existing Internet business applications. Netmatrix develops customer specific Key Performance Indicators (KPSs) to measure our performance. Customer satisfaction is the measure by which Netmatrix evaluates its success

Netmatrix is an Internet firm that provides Internet connectivity, web hosting, e Commerce development and Internet security services to businesses of various sizes. We have strategic alliances with resellers, network management and deployment partners. Our services are of a high quality and are affordable.

Our infrastructure is capable of handling large bandwidth and data storage capacities. The network architecture is designed to deliver a broad range of Internet traffic to all our clients in a consistent manner. Our Internet connectivity is fully provider and hardware redundant. The network equipment is state-of-the-art products from manufacturer such as Cisco Systems, Nortel, Lucent, 3Comm and IPAD. The infrastructure is tweaked to the highest level of efficiencies. We have Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Quality of Service (QoS) associated with our services.

In our Data Center and Network Operating Center, you can have your corporate web-site hosted in dedicated or community servers. Our server farm consists of servers with the latest computing technologies and is based on common architecture to provide a broad range of network services. There are replacement parts in our in-house service department to perform quick repairs. We also have a duplicate server site in a separate location, in case of a catastrophic disaster at our main location. We will host your site on whichever operating system and application you prefer. If you are uncertain, we will aid you in choosing the best system for you needs.


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