NexiaWeb Internet Solutions

NexiaWeb Internet Solutions

About Us: We have been in the business of providing custom programming, hosting and design solutions for our clients since 1996. Our accomplishments include catalogs, on line shopping, server management tools, database to web implementations and more. We specialize in optimizing and exposing your data to the world in a safe, easy, controllable manner.

Our Clients: Over the years, we have developed an extensive clients list both locally and world wide. Current clients include CP-Rail, Flint Energy, Nexen Inc just to name a few.

Services: Currently, our primary services are Hosting and Programming. Through the use of contractors we can provide additional services including web site design or re-design, project management, business process analysis and optimization, database analysis and optimization, application design, logo design, hard copy publishing and many more through our extensive network of industry experts. If we can't provide a service for you directly, we know someone who can!

Products: Our premier product, DB-Drive, is client-server application designed to take the tedious complexities of maintaining your web site away and present you with an easy to use, logical method of updating your internet content. If you are tired of struggling with FTP, Front Page, or other method of web site maintenance and wish to offload your web site maintenance to non-technical users, this product is for you!

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 7N2