Nimbb makes video recording easy. With its simple 3 buttons interface, recording a video with the webcam has never been so intuitive.

Using the Nimbb API, developers can integrate the technology without any prior video experience. Pasting a few HTML lines of code is enough to get started and create user generated videos from any website.

Nimbb is a subscription based service and we have customers like McGraw-Hill, BBC, Cirque du Soleil and the French Government.

Internet Service Providers, Web Design & Development, Social Media, Startup

News on Nimbb

Fighting Malaria with Web 2.0: Doctors Without Borders integrate Montreal's Nimbb into campaign
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Nimbb out of beta, expects strong 2011
Websites and companies looking to incorporate user-created video content should look no further than Nimbb, a Montreal product that has finally taken the “beta” tag off after two years,... more

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