Hundreds of millions of people, Fortune 500 companies, and government institutions around the world trust their networks to Nortel's reliable and secure solutions.

Nortel is a recognized leader in delivering communications capabilities that make the promise of Business Made Simple a reality for our customers. Our next-generation technologies, for both service provider and enterprise networks, support multimedia and business-critical applications. Nortel's technologies are designed to help eliminate today's barriers to efficiency, speed and performance by simplifying networks and connecting people to the information they need, when they need it. Nortel does business in more than 150 countries around the world.


News on Nortel

It looks like RIM may not be getting a piece of Nortel's patent portfolio after all
Nortel, in its prime, was a Canadian legend in the making, set to make our country's history. And in the end, it did, but for all the wrong reasons. As one of the final pieces of the puzzle,... more
Google looks to buy Nortel's 6,000 patents for $900 million
Canada's Nortel Networks, once one of the largest telco titans on the planet, was also one of the world's greatest crash-and-burn stocks. Peaking at nearly $40 billion during the infamous dot-com... more
Microsoft buys More Than Half A Million IPv4 Addresses From Nortel
In the Nortel bankruptcy proceeding which seems to never conclude, it seems there is still some interest to be wrung from it. As part of the bankruptcy settlement, Microsoft has agreed to purchase... more
IBM acquires Nortel spin-off BLADE Network Technolgies for a reported $400M
IBM announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire BLADE Network Technologies for a reported purchase price of US$400 million.  BLADE Network Technologies... more
Ericsson emerges as successful bidder for Nortel's Multi Service Switch business
It was announced late last week that Ericsson has emerged as the winning bidder for Nortel's Multi Service Switch (MSS) business, paying a purchase price of US$65 million. Nortel noted in their... more
Nortel enters into sale agreement to sell its Multi Service Switch Business for US$39 million
Nortel announced today that it has entered into an agreement with PSP Holding LLC, a special purpose holding entity to be fully funded by Marlin Equity Partners and Canadian-based Samnite... more
Nortel reports second quarter financial results... does anyone still care?
I know what you’re thinking – Is the new guy on Techvibes really going to start things off by writing a post on the fallen beast that is Nortel? Yes, as a matter of fact I am. On... more
Nortel campus for sale
According to the Ottawa Citizen, the campus that one housed Ottawa's biggest tech company is now on the market. The article notes that the asking price could hit $200 million but the actual sale... more
Personal reflections on VCs and the future of high-tech in Canada
It is sad news that Nortel Networks, a national icon, has disintegrated into many smaller fragments that have already been swallowed by foreign high-tech companies.  Nortel's demise was almost... more
Signs-a-changin' at the Nortel Campus
Some rebranding has begun at Nortel's Carling Avenue campus as Sweedish telecom firm Ericsson officially moved into the portion of the building it now owns yesterday. The event was marked with new... more
Nortel CEO steps down
Nortel announced today that CEO Mike Zafirovski is leaving the company, as well as the majority of the board of directors. This annoucement followed news that the tech giant, operating under... more
Nortel sale to Ericsson approved by courts
Multiple news sources are now reporting that bankruptcy courts in both Canada and the U.S. have approved the sale of Nortel's wireless assets to Sweedish telecom company Ericsson. Barring an... more
Ericsson wins auction for Nortel's wireless assets.
Sweeden-based Ericsson has won the auction for Nortel's wireless assets, acquiring the company's CDMA and LTE technology, the North American CDMA customer base and 2,500 employees for $1.13 billion... more
Irony in old Nortel headlines
As the firesale to liquidate Nortel's business units rages on (and gets complicated,) it's hard not to think about the Canadian tech giant's glory days. While many point to earnings reports... more
RIM’s Blocked Nortel Bid
Research in Motion claims it has been prevented from bidding on Nortel’s wireless business due to its desire to purchase other parts of the company. RIM was told it did not qualify to bid on... more
Is Ottawa still Silicon Valley North?
Canada's capital once had a nickname likening it to the sunny California home of companies like Apple and Google - Silicon Valley North. This month, Ottawa's former high-tech start Nortel began... more
The end of Nortel
Hopes to save the troubled Canadian tech giant Nortel were dashed over the weekend with the announcement that the company would be selling off all of its divisions. It began to look like the end... more
Plan hatched to save Nortel
Interesting story in the front page of today's Ottawa Citizen: A group of high tech veterants have banded together to raise money in order to buy Nortel through bankruptcy court. Following the... more
Nortel selling off LG joint venture
Increasingly troubled Nortel is now looking to sell off its 50 per cent plus one stake in joint venture LG-Nortel with the South Korean electronics maker, according to Reuters. The collaborative... more
Charting the rise and fall of Nortel Networks
Every Tuesday Techvibes will be republishing an article from Business in Vancouver newspaper. This article was originally published in issue #1020 - May 12-18, 2009. In September 2000, Jules... more
Nortel’s rise and fall, as seen by their CTO
Jules Meunier, the former CTO of Nortel Networks, explained to an engaged audience at the British Columbia Technology Industry Association’s luncheon at Sutton Place on Tuesday how Nortel,... more
Nortel… from Superstar to Struggling for Survival
Over the past couples months Techvibes has covered Nortel multiple times - everything from lay-offs (and a former employee auctioning off their severance package on eBay) to whether the Canadian... more
Nortel Severance Package - Enhanced for eBay
There are only 3 days left to bid on a wonderful Nortel "enhanced" severance package (eBay item 180340590158). I know others have blogged about it, but I love it so, I must give it the space it... more
Nortel lays-off an additional 3,200
Nortel announced today that it will be reducing its workforce by an additional 3,200 positions worldwide. The company expects to carry out these reductions over the next several months, in... more
Should Canada bail out Nortel?
Ian Andrew Bell is a Techvibes Guest Contributor and this post orginally appeared on his blog. GigaOm had a piece earlier this week written by Venture Capitalist Allan Leinwand asking whether... more
Nortel files for bankruptcy protection
Former technology titan Nortel Networks filed for bankruptcy protection today, a move that will likely see what was once Canada's great corporate success story broken up and sold to foreign rivals.... more
Vancouver Canucks Upgrade... off-ice
The Vancouver Canucks are outfitting GM Place with a unified communications system aimed at improving the fan experience and boosting staff productivity. The Canucks have just gotten underway with... more

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