NuData Security created NuCaptcha to provide heightened, enterprise level leading internet security with the ease of use that everyone can employ.

Simply put: Better Security, Easier to Use. NuCaptcha is based out of Vancouver, BC; one of Canada’s top technology centers. The company was formed in 2008.

The NuCaptcha Security Platform is a CAPTCHA-based solution that uses motion video to authenticate human web interactions. The current CAPTCHA standard is based on cracked security, causes user frustration, and leads to lost conversions. NuCaptcha is a better system because it:

Displays in video format - Video technology has the dual benefit of making it more difficult for software to attack while simultaneously making it easier for humans to read.

Has stronger security features - A layered security approach gives added protection to NuCaptcha, and it’s Behavior Analysis Technology provides easier to read CAPTCHAS to legitimate users and more difficult ones to attackers.

Positively affects conversions - with other CAPTCHA solutions, 20% of users fail to solve the CAPTCHA on their first attempt. This leads to frustration and an incomplete transaction. 99% of NuCaptchas are solved on the first attempt.

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