What is openplaces?

A semantic search engine for travel. An effort to aggregate, classify and structure all of the travel information on the web, to build a genuine and accurate representation of the world we travel.

A collaboration to fill in the blanks, where everything is freely licensed under Creative Commons.

A level playing field. A place where quality and relevance determine ranking, unimpeded by commissions and other commercial dealings.

Why are we building this?

We love to travel. More than that, we love to plan trips.

Before the web, we were blind, inspired by literature but hostages to a travel agent’s knowledge or a tour company’s marketing. Now we are liberated but overloaded by information, most of it useless. We are swimming in page after page of ads, lists and reviews. We are empowered by access, but lost in a land of dead ends and commercial opportunism.

We want an organized web of maps, pictures, details and advice about every place in the world that anyone has ever travelled to. We don’t want to sift through everything, but neither do we want to miss out on anything. We want succinct and relevant. We want simple and fast. We want free and honest. We want it for everyone and by everyone.

It’s an impossible project. We’re building it anyway. Are you in?


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Montréal, Québec, Canada H2V 1X5