Orato.com is an online magazine that knows writers are participating in, as well as observing, the activities that spin the world on its axis, making them genuine experts with knowledge to share and illuminating encounters to relate. Orato broadcasts this news when Correspondents in the field post dispatches to the site in the form of articles, audio or video.

Orato translates from the Latin to "I speak" and that is exactly what we invite Correspondents to do – tell our audience about newsworthy experiences emerging from their corner of the planet, the novel places, people, events, careers, culture, discoveries and skills that make them a source of trustworthy information for others seeking advice or doing reconnaissance on an eclectic range of subjects.

Whether a veteran reporter, self-proclaimed novice, seasoned freelance writer, or first-time witness, Orato offers a unique opportunity on the Web to directly consult our team of professional editors, to join a true peer community with whom to network, and to earn an ongoing share of ad revenue from all their work on the site.

Since Orato.com's launch in 2006, we have managed to capture the world's attention and imagination with our pioneering, unfiltered coverage in the words of people living the events that make headlines. With our recent redesign and relaunch, we invite both emerging and established writers to contribute to the site. Orato's editors work with Correspondents to ensure their contributions will be found -- and read -- by others, and contributors are paid a share of ad revenue.

To learn more, go to: http://www.orato.com/hiring-online-journalists


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