OurFaves was born out of the desire to amplify local voices on the subject of what’s great in the city. It's simple really...the first place we turn when we need a good tip on the local scene is to our trusted sources – friends and the people who share our standards for what's cool.

Thing is, what’s cool to us, might be different from what’s cool to you, what reviewers think is cool, or from what’s newest, hottest and getting most of the media attention.

So we came up with OurFaves - a site where everyone can sound off on what’s great in the city. We’re all really passionate about where we live, and think OurFaves is a great way to share and discover hidden gems, neighbourhood haunts, and all the best local places and things. We can’t stop faving, and we think you’re gonna love it too.

We hope this revolution in word of mouth revolutionizes how you experience your city, and your community, both online and off.


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Toronto, Ontario, Canada