Outwit Social

Outwit Social

Outwit Social is an app that weaves a social network in which start-ups can create and modify their profile to attract a large population : other start-ups with which they can communicate via a private chat, entrepreneurs, investors, job seekers, students...

Navigate on our app and rediscover the fabulous and, until today, too close world of the start-ups.

You have a question about their products ? Contact them live through the start-up feed. You want to meet them ? Check the events they are making, or where they are going and join them quickly.

But also, apply for a job in a start-up you are interested in, like them to follow their growth and make the start-up ranking move, invest if you believe in it.

Montreal start-ups are full of potential... Come and see by yourself !

Recruiting, Social Media, Startup, Accelerators & Incubators

405 Avenue Ogilvy
Montréal, Québec, Canada