Oznoz Entertainment was launched to distribute products that promote language learning, multicultural understanding, tolerance and diversity. Our objective is to provide parents with products that are entertaining, premium quality and educational in English and many other languages.We also hope to provide families with information on local events and resources that promote cultural understanding and language learning.

In addition to providing learning tools to families, we are committed to supporting different efforts that promote tolerance and diversity. In addition to donating approximately 5-10% of our revenue to various charities, we also sponsor a select number of cultural events each year. These generally include community parties and school events that are held to celebrate different cultural holidays.

All products on Oznoz are reviewed to ensure that they meet quality standards. Additionally, we do not sell products that violate copyrights or trademarks of other parties. We are always trying to add new products that meet these standards and welcome user suggestions. We also welcome user feedback to make sure you think highly of products we include on our site.

Prior to launching Oznoz Entertainment, the founders of Oznoz launched Big Bad Boo, an animation production company with offices in New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver. Big Bad Boo is the largest Toon Boom animation studio in Western Canada and creates cartoons that are in line with the objectives of Oznoz Entertainment.


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