Pacific Innovations Ltd

Pacific Innovations Ltd

Pacific Innovations Ltd has the resources, resolve and intent to put financial control back in the hands of families and out of the hands of the entities that control our financial destiny!

We are involved with Systems Development and Business Acquisitions. We currently own a Hotel, a Software Development Company, three Leasing companies, a Consulting business, and have just recently purchased an 86ft. dinner yacht. Our Wholesaler Program allows you to get involved!

" We believe that a group of dedicated individuals in a win/win environment can accomplish anything they set out to do. That is the foundation of our company; Win/Win. Everyone wins or no one wins. We pride ourselves on creating a family atmosphere in which everyone works toward a common goal. Our exciting people philosophy encompasses all facets of our business - customers, employees, wholesalers, and consultants."

~Rebekah Donszelmann

IT Consulting, Software

Suite 204-4475 Viewmont Ave
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada V8Z 6L8