Paperspine is revolutionizing the way book readers around the country read, meet, and discuss books. We believe that by offering a cost-effective, convenient, and simple-to-use rental service people can read more and save money at the same time. In the coming months we’ll be adding exciting features that will change the way you think about reading books.

As avid book readers ourselves, we came up with Paperspine by looking at the drawbacks conventional book options offer. Libraries can be cost effective but very inconvenient to use. Most of us have had the experience of waiting a long time for a newly released title, trekking back and forth to the library in all types of weather, or perhaps even worse, forgetting to return the book and accruing late charges. Online retailers such as Barnes and Noble and Amazon provide a good selection of books, but purchasing these books is expensive and, for most of us, the book has little value after we’ve read it. Over time books accumulate throughout the house until, one day, we finally gather them off our shelves, floor, or nightstand and donate them.

Our book rental model aims to give you the best of all worlds. We offer a huge selection of books - over 200,000 - to choose from, they get shipped conveniently right to your door, and you don’t accrue any late fees. Even better, when you’re done with the book just drop it in the mail using our pre-paid postage mailer. Not only will you be saving money, you’ll reduce BCS (Book Clutter Syndrome) around your house.

We sincerely hope you sign up and enjoy our service. We are 100% committed to excellent customer service and satisfaction. For any inquiries about our business, you can reach us by e-mail at


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