Parking Mobility

Parking Mobility

Parking Mobility was born from the need to ensure accessible parking for people with disabilities. Parking Mobility enables users to report when a car is parked without a disability placard with their mobile phones. The user takes a number of pictures of the car and then submits them using their phone. Parking Mobility takes these photos and combines it with some other data that we capture and give this to the municipality. With this data that is shared, the municipality sends a ticket to the owner of the car. When the owner pays their ticket, a portion of the payment goes to the user.

Social Enterprise: Giving back to the community
As Parking Mobility is a social enterprise we focus on how can we give back to our community. In keeping with promoting accessibility, revenues generated from through Parking Mobility are given charitably to groups that promote quality of life for people with disabilities.

We are looking to engage closely with the disabled community and to partner with municipal governments to use the data Parking Mobility generates from its users to make their communities more accessible.


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