Peerset has built a patent-pending solution that analyzes social media content and feeds a proprietary psychographic recommendation engine to provide Publishers and Ad Networks with an expanded yet targeted audience. Peerset's feature product, PS Expander, can integrate with existing ad serving systems and enhance any existing investments in contextual or behavioral targeting solutions. Peerset's analysis tool, PS Insights, helps Marketers and Ad Sales teams prioritize new and existing content categories to find and reach engaged users with the proper messaging.

Peerset is leading innovation in the newly established field of Social Psychographic targeting. We have spent the last three years performing scientific research to understand how people's ideas, thoughts and opinions hang together and what assumptions can be made about how their explicit expressions of interest or intent translate into related actions. Advertisers and their partners are seeing significant lift in the efficiency of their campaigns and we have found them new markets to promote their brands.

The company has offices in San Francisco, California and Toronto, Canada.

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