Launched in January 2008, PickupPal allows a private vehicle engaged in a transportation event (a one-way trip from A to B) to be matched intelligently and dynamically over the Internet to a pickup location (someone or something) along its planned route anywhere in the world.

PickupPal's core service is providing a venue for either passengers or packages to find or be matched to a driver—typically already travelling in a certain direction or destination. This intelligent matching is performed via our own proprietary set of software algorithms that dynamically and in real time compare routing, frequency, locational, and driver/passenger preferences against a pool of registered users.

At the core of PickupPal's technology is a high-performance Geographic Information System (GIS) software application that sorts and matches based on a series of pre-engineered criteria.

Learn more about PickupPal by checking out our blog: blog.pickuppal.com.


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