PiinPoint is the modern day SAAS solution to the problem of finding the right location. It is easy to use, always up to date, and far cheaper than any other solution. It delivers in depth analysis that can tell you what real estate is available, how many cars drive by a location in a day, exactly where to find your target market, and much more. By centralizing data within our service, we allow organizations with smaller budgets access to advanced analysis based on the highest quality of data.

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News on PiinPoint

Q&A With PiinPoint CEO Jim Robeson, Waterloo Region’s Latest YC Grad
PiinPoint knows location and patterns are the keys to retail success. The team announced Monday that they are now backed by Y Combinator, and that they have raised additional investment. They will... more
Velocity Startup PiinPoint Announces Y Combinator Backing
PiinPoint has received funding from Y Combinator after becoming the seventh Waterloo Region startup to complete the prestigious California-based accelerator program. On top of gaining YC... more

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