In 2007, Platial and Frappr teamed up to create the largest social map service for both people and places!

Platial maps, The People's Guide to Who and What's Nearby, a free resource where hundreds of thousands of people around the world share and discover all kinds of Places. Anyone can map just about anything including their towns, lives, travels, feeds, files, photos, video and stories in one simple interface.

"Frappr! Maps are like a triple mash-up of an online guest book, a hit log and a map -- three services that, combined, create a fun and visually appealing environment that will keep Web site visitors coming back for more."

    • Kun, Frappr! Co-Founder

Platial and Frappr! Maps are free and can be embedded on any Web page, blog or online community that supports flash or javascript embeds, including MySpace, Friendster, Xanga, Typepad, Wordpress, Google, Facebook and Hi5. We are the world's largest social map service. We help turn your ordinary Web pages into interactive, fun and engaging destinations. Frappr! Maps give Web site owners and visitors an easy and unique way to visualize and interact with each other. Visitors can add their name, photo and message directly on a Web page embedded with Frappr! Maps, and the Web site owner gets real-time stats on where visitors are coming from and how often they visit.


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