Plum Amazing

Plum Amazing

Plum Amazing is a US based but international company specializing in iPhone, mobile, Mac and Win software applications.

Plum Amazing has its own software but also does development work (programming) for other companies. If you want to have a beautiful iPhone, Mac or mobile app created please contact us. We are happy to speak to you about your ideas.

Plum Amazing is a group of people who are both skilled in and very enthusiastic about technology. The individuals are dispersed around the world but we work together on a variety of projects using our particular abilities in diverse areas.

Here are some of the apps we have created for iPhone:

iWatermark - iWatermark is the most popular tool to watermark photos for professional photographers all the way to total beginners. It is available on Mac, Win and now on the iPhone too. iWatermark lets you add your personal or business watermark to any photo or graphic. Once added this visible watermark displays your creation and ownership of this photograph or artwork.

Expenses - Simple and easy to use iPhone app to track your day to day spending. You can download this app from the iTunes store.

Galactic Pool - You are the cue ball in this 3D pool game set in the far future. You and an opponent (either computer or someone via the wifi network) battle to sink 5 balls in the pockets. Beware your opponent can sink your rocket ball which will cause you to sit on the sidelines momentarily.

Natural Cures - downloaded over a million times. Comprehensive Medicine combines the best of natural and prescription therapies to create optimal health. Natural Cures is the free Comprehensive Medicine specialist in your iPhone.

Kid Paint - sold to another company this is our easy but fun painting and drawing program for kids.

Plum Caddy - downloaded now over a million times was our first app and has now been sold to another company which released it under another name. Plum Caddy is our mapping and scoring for golf iPhone application. Plum Clubhouse has a golf course construction kit that allows you to draw a template over a google map and save it. This template can then be downloaded to Plum Caddy on your iPhone to use as a real gps accurate map.

Plum Record really is the best audio application for the iPhone.

We also make a variety of Mac and Win Programs like CopyPaste, iWatermark, iKey, iClock, NetCheck and MountWatcher.


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Princeville, Hawaii, United States 96722