POSH View Inc. is an innovative, interactive software solution company focused on revolutionizing the way businesses can attract, educate, interact, and communicate with clients, customers, and colleagues. POSH View unique software applications are developed on the extreme edge of technology, providing businesses with custom end user solutions that drive sales, provide accurate reporting, ensure deliverables, and ultimately provide one of a kind customer experiences. Our first generation innovation completely separates POSH from any current competitor providing real-time communication methods and sharing capabilities. POSH View is changing the way businesses think about technology applications, forcing them to reconsider the direct impact they’re having on their customers.

While POSH View has spent considerable time and resources developing its own unique means of multi-touch innovative solutions, we are at the core a custom software development company. Diversity is one of the most essential elements of our ongoing success. POSH has strategically placed itself as a hardware resource and custom software application developer that can be utilized through any platform. This showcases POSH View as the ultimate resource for businesses looking to advance through the use of interactive solutions.

Utilizing third party manufacturers for the required hardware and focusing on the integration of POSH View software applications gives us a unique position within today’s market. Being the first to integrate multi-touch technology into browser-based applications empowers POSH to be extremely mobile, and allows us to continually evolve by adapting quickly to customers’ needs. This level of diversity allows POSH to service, license, and work alongside national franchises, media groups, independent business owners, and other third party media proprietors around the world. POSH View endeavours to become a world leader in software innovation and business applications.


News on POSH View

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