PostRank Inc.

PostRank Inc.

Based in Waterloo, Ontario, PostRank is a world-class technology company that monitors and collects social engagement events with online content in real-time across the web. PostRank gathers where and when stories generate comments, bookmarks, tweets, and other forms of interaction from a host of social hubs. Publishers and people interested in their content can then use PostRank analysis to gauge influence and read with audiences.

PostRank offers three suites of tools to online publishers and consumers:

a) Topic discovery and feed management tools to help individuals discover and manage information on topics of interest. (

b) Analytics service for publishers to discover, track, and engage with their audience and the sites on the social web where readers are organizing, responding to, and sharing their content. (

c) Data Services APIs for customers interested in accessing content and engagement data and incorporating it into their own solutions and applications. (


News on PostRank Inc.

Google gets social with acquisition of Waterloo startup PostRank
Today, Google has acquired Waterloo-based startup PostRank, which was founded in 2007. The move demonstrates Google's desire to emphasize the "social" aspects of its business. From PostRank's... more
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Interview with PostRank CEO Carol Leaman
With the sheer explosion in engagement opportunities made possible by the booming world of the social web, it pays to have a solid web analytics guru by your side to measure, track and offer... more
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CIX Top 20: PostRank
Second last on today's CIX Top 20 roster is PostRank and their CEO Carol Leaman. Founded in 2007 and based in Waterloo, PostRank (originally AideRSS) monitors and collects social engagement events... more
PostRank Launches Real Time/Data Mining API
PostRank Ink. has launched a collection of real time data mining API's[PDF]. The new features will give developers access to PostRank's data and rankings for use in unique applications. The... more
Toronto DemoCamp20, Video 4 / 4: Ilya Grigorik of AideRSS, followed by Ali Asaria of
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DemoCamp returns to Toronto
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National Post Article Names Waterloo As Ontario’s New Tech Capital
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PostRank Discovery’s New Features
The AideRSS PostRank service is a new blog discovery engine enabling web users to discover the best online content. The system measures audience engagement and filters news and blog posts in real... more
PostRank Announces Twitter Newsroom
PostRank has added their blog discovery engine to Twitter by providing feeds of its most popular topics. The company has dubbed their service “Twopics”, which enables Twitter users to... more
Mesh '09: Bootstrapping Your Web Startup
Mesh '09 was a great place to learn about bootstrapping your startup. MeshU featured a presentation by Carl Mercier, who successfully sold his bootstrapped startup recently (Defensio). Here are his... more
Mesh '09: Ilya Grigorik (Co-founder, AideRSS) on Event-Driven Architectures
Ilya Grigorik, Co-founder and CTO of (AideRSS / gave a presentation on "Event-Driven Architectures" at meshU. At its core, event-driven architecture is simply an implementation... more
AideRSS Demos New Blog Discovery Engine Post Rank
Waterloo based AideRSS is gearing up for the launch of its new blog discovery engine PostRank. The newest version of PostRank filters and ranks blog posts in real time and enables users to... more
Grow as fast as possible with the least amount of money
Hey all, even in this big, bad economy, we still get asked by clients from time to time to provide input on structuring a VC-sensitive share capital structure, and it certainly is more art than... more
Kitchener-Waterloo Startup Index - January 2009
Rank CompanyTTR 1   AideRSS 110,407aiderss.comTTR: 110,407Compete: 135,844Alexa: 84,970  2 149,720well.caTTR: 149,720Compete: 105,174Alexa:... more
PostRank's Top Posts Widget gets some love
Waterloo's AideRSS launched their new and improved PostRank Top Posts Widget today and it's getting some great reviews. ReadWriteWeb's Marshall Kirkpatrick describes it as "awesome" and "pretty... more
AideRSS closes second round of financing
Waterloo's AideRSS, Inc. announced today that it has closed its second round of financing with Waterloo's Tech Capital Partners. This round of new funding will enable AideRSS to continue to develop... more
AideRSS Launches PostRank 2.0
Waterloo-based AideRSS today launched a significantly enhanced version of (we covered the initial launch of PostRank back in July '08 over here). The AideRSS service has also been... more
Amazon Web Services Startup Event in Toronto
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Amazon Web Services Start-up Event in Toronto on Sept 15th
The Amazon Web Services (AWS) start-up tour rolls into Toronto on Monday, Sept 15th. In addition to presenters from AWS, it will feature some local startups using the AWS service - iloverewards,... more
AideRSS Extends PostRank Beyond RSS. Now It Gets Interesting.
There is something really interesting going on out there in Waterloo, Ontario, where AideRSS today announced a major new service called, which enables users to see the most popular... more
AideRSS filters and ranks feeds with PostRank
AideRSS, based in Waterloo, Ontario, has just succeeded in securing another round of funding through Tech Capital Partners and a number of angel investors. But the fledging company won't be resting... more

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